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If you're talking about removing/breaking the glue bond & removing the residue, I've found GooGone or GM Stripe/Woodgrain remover to work the best! Also good for removing decals from body surfaces.... Leaves no residue and doesn't harm the paint/finish!

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How do you replace a fuel gauge on a 1985 Chevrolet Camaro?

Very easy, remove the bezel screws with a correct size torx screw driver, once the bezel is off, remove the trim and then the clear plastic lens. Pull the gauge out, push new guage in until it clips in, install all parts in reverse order.

How do you remove the dashboard to get to lights on a 1997 Toyota Corolla?

you don't! remove bezel for gauges, remove four screws for gauge assembly, pull forward and tilt, replace the four bulbs.

How do you replace the speed display lights on a 1998 Tercel?

Remove bezel by removing the one screw in the middle. Pull bezel out far enough to unclip defog connector then completely remove the bezel. Pop off plastic shield covering the gauges, then remove the screws and remove gauge trim. Pop off the needles from each gauge gently by hand or with small pliers. Unscrew the 3 gauges and remove. Behind the gauges you will find the 6 bulbs. They are 194's. Remove by simply pulling out and replacing with appropriate substitutes. I prefer LED's but the stock replacements will outlive the car too.

Dodge Caravan How do you remove the instrument cluster?

Remove the instrument cluster cover. Each instrument gauge is secured separately with retaining screws. Remove the retaining screws from each gauge. Remove the wiring harnesses from each gauge.

How do you replace the fuel gauge in a 2002 subaru wrx?

Remove the instrument panel cover from your 2002 Subaru. Remove the fuel gauge retaining screws. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the fuel gauge. Reverse the process to install your new fuel gauge.

How do you remove instrument cluster in a 95 VW Jetta?

Step 1 Pop off outer plastic cover next to headlight switch Step 2 Look inside the square hole then press the retractable button to remove headlight switch Step 3 Remove screw hidden behind headlight switch Step 4 Pop off plastic cover (if you have heated seats, remove outer cover first to remove switch) Step 5 Remove screw hidden behind cover (or switch) Step 6 The plastic bezel is held in by the 2 screws you just removed and clips up top Step 7 once bezel is out, remove one screw on each side of gauge cluster Step 8 Cluster sits on 2 rubber grommets at the bottom. Wiggle it to an angle to get it out then unplug the 2 connectors at the back of the cluster (3 if you have ABS) Step 9 Wiggle some more and you're done!

How do you change gauge's on vti-s?

To change the gauges on a VTI the dashboard gauge bezel needs to be removed from the car. Once the bezel is off the gauges will be easily accessible. Replace the gauges.

How to replace Toyota Rav4 fuel sending unit?

you have to remove rear seat ,under the seat there's two covers , one is for the fuel pump , the other is for the fuel gauge sending unit .Remove cover on passenger side and remove fuel gauge sending unit .

How does one ground a car radio?

First you will need to remove the dash bezel. The dash bezel is the item which wraps itself around the gauge cluster, and the radio. Push down the tabs that secure the deck into place, found on either side of the radio, with your thumbs. Un plug the factory wiring harness, and then pull out the lead of the antenna.

How do you remove the dash bezel on a 2008 Scion xd?

Most of the bezels on the dash snap into place. If you are talking about the one around the gauge cluster, carefully pry off with your fingers. Should come right off. Installation is reverse of removal.

Where is the fuse block located on a 1963 Ford F100?

It is in the headlight switch. If you take out your gauge bezel it's right there on top of switch..

How do you remove the fuel gauge on a Fiero?

Take the gauge face plate off, pull the gauge out.

How do you fix dash and parking lights on a Ford Focus?

To replace the lights in the instrument cluster, around the gauges and stuff, you have to remove the whole gauge cluster. The following steps worked on my 2002 4 door LX sedan. 1: Remove the 3 hex head screws on the top of the black gauge bezel. 2: Unsnap the two tabs on the right and left of the sterring column cover, these hold the top cover of the column on, which is attached to the gauge bezel. 3: Pull the bezel out towards you, it is held in by several snap clips, just gently pull on it and they will come out. 4: After the bezel is removed you should see the entire gauge cluster. It is held in by four more hex screws, remove these. Then carefully pull the cluster out so you can get at the single plug on the back. 5: There should be a small black lever on the plug, move it towards the other side of the plug, and it will push the plug out. (It might be hard to move but it will move, DO NOT use tools to pry on this as the plastic is kind of weak.) 6: Finally pull the cluster out, and on the back you should see the lights, I believe they twist out, but have not had to remove any of mine yet. Just pulled the cluster out to replace it. To reinstall just reverse the process. For the plug, just set it back in the socket, and slide the lever the other way, it should pull it self in. Jeremiah Sounds like you may also have a bad fuse. Dash and parking lights are often supplied by the same one. ANSWER Had the exact same problem w/same lights. On my 2000 SEi it was Fuse #32 in the underdash fuse panel. However, check your owners manual for fuse panel diagram to make sure your fuse is the same.

Where is and how do you replace the speedometer light on a 1994 Pathfinder?

First remove the trim below the steering column. To do this, remove to 2 screws at the bottom of it. One is by the hood release and the other is on the right side in the same place. It pops off, and exposes 2 screws which hold the gauge cover on. Remove these two screws, and the 2 in the top of the plastic cover. You may be able to remove the bulb now. If not, remove the screws holding the gauge assembly in place and pull it out. There will be a bulb holder in the back (round thing) which can be unscrewed, and the bulb can be replaced. Assembly is opposite of disassembly

How do you replace the fuel gauge sending unit in a 2000 Bonneville?

supposedly there is a cover in the trunk that you can remove to access the top of the fuel tank to replace the fuel pump and sender

How do you replace the clock on a 1979 Thunderbird?

First, remove the instrument cluster bezel, the wood trimed (look) piece surrounding the speedo, A/C register, fuel gauge and temp gauge (standard). There should be 3 more Phillips head screws holding the clock in. Remove screws, unplug clock, and unscrew/remove 2 illumination lights from back. If the unit is not working, try cleaning the metal connection at the back with some fine sandpaper or steel wool. This has worked for me in my 1979. Hope this helps!

How do you change the miles gauge on Mazda from miles to kilometers?

what is the model of your Mazda ? different model requires different procedure in removing the gauge assy. look for any screw surrounding the gauge, or pry with small screw driver the plastic moulding cover surrounding the gauge. when you see the gauge, you will see 4 screws that holds the gauge to the car frame. remove screw then slightly pull the gauge then unplug sockets, if the spedometer is using a cable for speedometer, you will need to press by hand the cable lock then pull the cable. for electronic speedometer, the connection goes with the bundled wires attached on the gauge. once the gauge is remove, you can disassemble the gauge assy and remove the speedometer meter and replace it with new speedometer in kilometer reading, speedometer in kilometer reading value may not be available on your location, best if you inquire from dealers before you perform this conversion.

The gas gauge on your 1984 300 ZX doesn't work how do you fix it the rest of the panel works just fine?

it could be one of a couple things. First, check the connections to the gauge at the back of the cluster bezel. Second, it could be the float on your fuel pump might be stuck or the sending unit might be damaged. Lastly, if it is not any of these you should just replace the gauge with an after market one, if you are concerned about making it look stock/original, go to a junk yard and get a new gauge or cluster bezel, if they try to charge you to much at the junk yard, eBay it.

How do you install dashboard lights on a 1979 GMC Pickup?

remove screws holding gauge cover (one screw in each corner several underneath) remove radio knobs and two radio nuts.a/c does not need to be touched. the black plastic gauge cover comes off , behind that is your gauge cluster.several bolts hold that in, remove pull gauge cluster forward may have to unplug the power clip in the back of the gauge cluster, along with speedo cable very simple look how it diconects its quite easy . you will see several black plugs that screw in all around the back of the gauge cluster they remove with a half of a turn those are your bulb sockets inside are your bulbs sometimes they melt the bulb sockets then you will have to replace them too try LMC TRUCK PARTS they sell alot of replacement parts tha that are hard to find ....good luck have fun old gmc/chevys are the best

How do you replace the dash gauge lights on a 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS?

Remove the dash cover. There is 2 screws in the top of the glove box. Then on the drivers side to the center is about 4 or 5. Remove the dash cover and you have access to the back of the instrument panel. The light sockets turn 1/4 turn to come out.

How do you take off one of those white novelty stick on covers from a 2001 Ranger gauge plate?

Use a hair dryer this usually works.

How do you replace a stereo on a 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier?

Remove the panel over the fuse box, just pull it out, the same for the identical panel on the P/S. Remove the 2 bolts in a recessed hole in the glove compartment, 1 bolt on either end of the dash where the 2 panels are that you previously removed. Remove a Phillips screw from the defroster vent and the bolts beneath it. Then remove the top dash cover. Once this is off, pull the trim bezel off that goes around the radio and gauge cluster. Do not pull too hard as the cigarette plug is still attached by 2 wires that aren't very long. Remove the 2 bolts on either side of the radio. Pull the radio and remove the harness and antenna wire from the back of the radio.

How do you change the oil pressure gauge on a Pontiac Fiero?

First, make sure it's actually a gauge problem. A lot of times it's not on Fieros. If the gauge is "pegged" then it's not the gauge, but the oil pressure sensor. This sensor is located between the batter and the vacuum tubes running alongside the motor. You'll see a rubber connector attached to it coming in from the top. Unplug it, and you'll see the sensor - likely covered in oil. If the gauge is indeed inoperational, then it's simply removing both the auxiliary gauge beauty cover and the radio surround beauty cover. You then have to unbolt the auxiliary gauges from the console skeleton. Once the whole assembly is removed, look underneath the gauges and you'll see four bolts. Remove these, and they'll separate from the trim piece, allowing you to remove the gauges.

How do you change a light bulb on the fuel gauge of a Ford Freestyle?

Remove 2 7mm bolts on instrument cover plastic. remove this part exposing the 4 7mm bolts that hold in the cluster then carefully remove instrument cluster from dash. On the back of the cluster you can remove the bulbs by turning them counter clockwise and pulling them out. Bulb number 194

How to adjust the zero error in pressure gauge?

step-1:remove the pressure gauge from the equipment when machine is in off condition. step-2:remove the cap and glass of the gauge. step-3: remove the needle of the gauge with a needle puller( a special tool ) step-4: place the same needle indicating zero. step-5: fix the glass and cap as usual. step-5: check(calibrate) the gauge on a dead weight tester with a master degital pressure gauge.