Is there a way to remove hair from your buttocks without causing numerous red painful bumps?

Bumps on Butt

Okay, I don't want to get too personal here, so I am going to assume that you are shaving your buttocks for one of two reasons. The first being long hair that shows when you wear certain clothing (bathing suit?) or that you are a bodybuilder getting ready to enter a competition. Anyway, try a cream or liquid hair removal product such as Nair or Neet. I have sensitive skin and use Nair on my legs with much better results than shaving with a razor. Good luck!

Yes I had the same problem with hairs in my buttocks..I'm a female and how I solved the problem, I've got an Epilady machine I use it on my legs and under my arms and for few years I 've been using it on my buttocks and after so many years of doing it with the Epilady the hairs are growing very thin and sparse, at the beginning you might feel some discomfort but it will dissappear as you use the machine more often, also the hairs under the arms I used the Epilady and they grow back very thin short and sparse..I hope that others people that read this comment will make good use of this idea..