Is there a way to send Android apps from a non Android phone to an Android phone?

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Can you download iPhone apps on an Android phone?

Absolutely not. The Android and iPhone operating systems arecompletely incompatible, much like the Linux and Mac OS that theyare derived from. There may eventually be emulators or conversionsavailable, but they're probably a long way off.

What cell phones use Android?

Some samples of Android phones are the HTC G1, Nexus One,Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a, Samsung Behold II, Motorola Cliq and many more.

What are the best apps for Android phone?

Depends on what you're looking for. Some popular time waster games are the Angry Birds franchise, card games like Solitaire and poker and hidden object games. Utility apps (those which aim to improve your daily life or phone's function) are also popular. Office tools to view and edit documents, fi ( Full Answer )

Which phone is better-Android or Droid?

Android is not phone ... Android is mobile operating system from Google Android operating system is inside Motorola Droid phone, HTC Desire , Samsung Galaxy S, ...

How do you get Android apps on your Android?

Tradus mobile appsto experience the India's largest market place, manage all yourshopping activity on mobile anywhere. Shop by category and gethighest discount on mobile apps shopping with

What is the best site for Android phone apps?

Obviously, The best place to for android apps is android market place. The official platform to download every app of android but not those which were suspended because for violating rules. Many good apps were suspended from Android market just because of policy issues even people liked those apps a ( Full Answer )

How many apps can a Android phone have?

It doesnt depend on android it depends on the phone company and space that one can have in that phone. Mobile manufacturing company decides the that what is memory limit of our smartphone

What can a phone with android do?

Android differs from other operating systems in the following ways: . Open-source. The Android platform is completely open source, meaning that the source code is available to the public. This means that it can be modified in any way imaginable. Other operating systems such as iOS and Blackberry ( Full Answer )

Which is the best Android phone?

The motorola razr with its awesome looks and big screen. How ever i would wait for the new iphone (after 4S) to come out before i make a move

What make of phone is Android phone?

Android isn't a specific phone, but the operating system that runs on many different phones. Android phones are produced by many well-known companies, such as Motorola, Samsung, HTC, LG, and more.

Do Android phones have Sim cards?

Some do. For instance, my Sprint Galaxy S4 has a Sim Card, and my friend's really old Android 1.0 phone from AT&T has a sim card too. However, my old Galaxy S3 did not have one, so I guess it depends on the phone.

What are the features of Android phones?

Android operating system mobile phones have successfully been a subject of favoritism amongst mobile-experts and tech-savvy lot. They have gradually started being preferred over ipods and Blackberrys. In fact, these highly multi-tasking phones have received breathtaking response for all across the g ( Full Answer )

What are the best apps for android cell phone?

Big quantity of quality apps are available that people find so interesting and beneficial. My favorite type of Apps are games, i am fun game lover. As i am not much in to professional stuff so i look for entertaining stuff. App that i love the most is called Air Flight Control truly awesome line dra ( Full Answer )

How do you uninstall apps from an Android phone?

Simply go the Android market web and open the link of that app again. On the main page of that app you will see a button to uninstall that app. . Basically you can uninstall apps in three ways. You can either use some app dedicated just for that (e.g. Easy Uninstaller) or use your in-built stock ap ( Full Answer )

How do you associate Android phones to the Android website?

There is no Android Website to be associated with, as such. However, you can link your Android device with your Google Account, enabling synchronisation between your device and the account. This can be done via your device's settings.

How do you delete apps on an Android phone?

Go to Settings -> Applications (the exact name of this point differs for each phone, and even each ROM, but they should all mention 'Applications' in the title.) -> Manage Applications. Find the one you're looking for, and choose Uninstall.

What Android phones have android 2.3.3?

The current and most advanced version of the Android Operating system (2.3.4) can be found on the Nexus class of phones, most notably the Nexus S and Nexus 1. However, all devices which run a hacked custom firmware called Cyanogen Mod also run 2.3.4. As of now, no phones still run 2.3.3 because of i ( Full Answer )

Is there any apps to run exe on an Android phone?

there are two ways to do this, the first is by emulating the whole of an op system. One way to do this is by using bochs or qemu. search for either "android bochs" or "android qemu", that should get you started. Another way (this will only let you run dos apps) is through the app "aDosBox", this wil ( Full Answer )

What is a phone android?

There's nothing named "phone android" rather the correct term would be "Android Phone" anyway an Android phone can be said as a device running Android as an Operating System.

Can you get i - phone apps on an android phone?

This depends on the developer. Sometimes a developer will develop applications exclusively for Android or exclusively for iOS. But you can usually find the same app or a similar app regardless of whether you own an iPhone or an Android phone. As for running an app built for iOS on Android, no. And ( Full Answer )

How do you monetize an Android phone app?

Hello, My name is Yang and I'm from, an Android ad network that connects app developers with advertisers through targeted audio ads. We help developers monetize their apps in an effective, non intrusive way. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information: info @ sellar ( Full Answer )

How do you download apps to an android phone?

Go to the Google Play Market (a preinstalled widget on your android phone) and select the app you'd like. From there, just press download and it will d/l and install it on your phone.

Do Android phones run java apps?

They cannot use Java apps themselves, though the programming language they run- Dalvik- is closely related to Java.

Is it possible to get android for a non-android or a non-smart phone?

No its not possible to get Android over non Android device, just because running Android OS requires an environment as hardware which is capable to run Android OS. If I talk about other phone they don't have the clockcycle to work with, and even if you somehow do that whole device will become unstab ( Full Answer )

Need to send free text from pc to Android phone?

do you have an email account? text messages are basically tiny emails...just remember, only text and a limit of 180 characters MAX including spaces..etc... you can send directly from email. just need phone number and service provider domain name... for a virgin mobile phone i know its PHONENUM ( Full Answer )

Can android apps be installed to smart phones?

Android phones are a category of smart phones, so the question doesn't make sense. If you mean to ask whether android apps can be installed on non-android phones, then the answer is no (or it is not feasible to do so), but oftentimes the same app is available for various operating systems.

Is there an online broker that has an app on Android phones?

Since these numbers are usually assigned to internet service providers within region-based blocks, an IP address can often be used to identify the region or country from which a computer is connecting to the Internet.

What do you do if you can't download an app on your Android phone?

If you are in Google Play or Amazon Appstore, and the app inparticular cannot install on your Android phone, it is likely thatit is not compatible for your particular phone. You might be ableto find an alternate app that may do similar functions as the appyou were originally looking at.

Which are the use full apps for android phone?

Juice Defender is a useful Android app because it is designed todisable other apps that are not in use to prevent them fromdraining your battery. Screebl is another useful app for saving thebattery on your phone disabling apps not in use. Speed Test is auseful app for determining what type of data s ( Full Answer )