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Is there a way to shrink the prostrate?


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It is possible with medicine.


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In a medical sense, "The patient was asked to get into the prostrate position."Prostrate = to lay flat

they will shrink in the way that the thread is running

The prostrate position is lying face-down.

There is not a way to shrink a preshrunk cotton shirt. You will have to wear it how it is.

The genital organs of males cantain prostrate gland. The cancer of this gland is called prostrate cancer

Prostrate means to lie flat on the ground, typically with the face downwards. In botany, prostrate means growing along the ground.

That's a way of putting it. The fat cells shrink but never leave unless they die. When they shrink your stomach I guess you can say shrinks.

NO way when u get old u shrink but its not possible to like shrink during your life

take it to the cleaners and tell them to shrink them

In order to shrink your stomach is to just eat smaller amounts of food at one time. That way your stomach will get used to that amount and shrink accordingly.

Un-neutered dogs can indeed develop prostrate cancer.

The easiest way would be to wash it.

Is tomato or tomato juice good for your prostrate

volume of prostrate 35.6 cc = how much in gms

The best way to shrink a dress shirt is to wash it in hot water. Then dry it on high heat in the dryer.

Impossible! Love your feet just the way they are. :)

if its Cotton then just wash it

there is really no way to shrink. You could get surgery on your upper and lower body to get smaller. But there really isn't another way to get small before you are fully grown.

"shrink"is a term for you go on the phone,and you go to services,go all the way doown,and there it is!YAAAY!-_-

Yes, combed cotton will shrink slightly if you wash it in warm water and dry all the way through.

The correct spelling is "prostate cancer symptoms". The questioner has used an unnecessary "r" in the first word. Prostate is a gland in the male body. Prostrate means lying down in a submissive way.

"It was customary for a commoner in the realm to lay prostrate before the king upon first approaching the throne."

There is no "r", prostrate means "prone on the ground". The prostate gland belongs to the reproductive system.

Flat on your belly. Usually in the form of a genuflection, in this case it means cowering in fear.

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