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yes if u have a Pokemon pearl or diamond trade the Pokemon from the palpark then get another ds put pearl or diamond in then the platinum in the other ds and trade at the Pokemon center at the top

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No (unless you trade through platinum first)

trade from Pokemon platinum via wifi, you'll need the persons friend code though

Go to the union room on the second floor of the pokemon center, or trade over wifi.

You must trade it with a friend, with WIFI-connection in Jublife city(trade building) or transfer it from Pokemon ranger.

Go to Jubilife city and go to the wifi place to the down and left of the trainer school

you trade with your friends and your friends must be in front of you

Sorry, but you can't find one in Pokemon platinum. I know its upsetting, but you have to migrate it, trade over wifi, or use an action replay :/

Get a wifi usb and a wireless router and gonnect to you internet. Then on the Pokemon platinum menu go to the wifi menu and click on the first choice.

yes You can trade Pokemon from another ds from 20M away The Pokemon game in the other ds has to be the same generation as yours You can't trade with a gameboy SP games ( Ruby Sapphire Emerald) Nds Pokemon games are: Heartgold Soulsilver Platinum Diamond Pearl

In a wifi event you are given a Regigigas and it unlocks them. That it the only way unless you trade

You need a wifi router or a Nintendo wifi usb

You can no longer get it in Pokemon platinum unless you trade it with someone. It was obtainable through a wifi event with an item known as the Member pass (Which is no longer available through Wifi)

If you're using a DS, you can do Wireless Trade Local or WiFi. But if you're using a Gameboy, you can't trade without a trade cable.

You have to get on the wifi event in platinum and trade it

By going to the wifi plaza or by battling over wifi at the battle tower.

Yes you can my brother told me and he has platinum

Yes, but you need two Nintendo DS and then you go up to the Union room (or downstairs using Wifi) to trade.

Yes, it is possible to do that, things might change like...., 1.all the Pokemon on platinum will move differently 2.In platinum, there are all different kinds of Pokemon like..., ralts, houndor, and girretina, hope i helped:) He meant Giratina

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum CANNOT enable WiFi because the Emulator and ROM cannot enable WiFi through downloaded games, just buy the real thing its better!

GTS works if you want to trade for him and you have wifi. Otherwise, you either have to have the GBA game or a friend to trade with who has the pokemon.

you can only get it by trading a machoke with Nintendo wifi connection