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Based on the Host systems Operating System and the printers and operating systems capabilities most modern and older printers can be shared to the network with print sharing services or a host base print server.

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Q: Is there a way to use a scanner that is connected to another computer on a home office network?
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Can you make any scanner as network scanner?

That depends. Some scanners will have built-in network connectivity, so that any computer on the network can use it. Others will not have this capability, but can be shared through software running on a host computer, which is directly connected to the scanner and networked to other computers.

What is a hardware device such as a printer or scanner that is connected to a computer and controlled by the computer's microprocessor?

Anything connected to the computer is called a peripheral

How the scanner connected to the computer?

Most of the time through a USB port.

Is it possible to share a single scanner over the Network?

We found software-based solution. So, this is how it works:* attach your scanner to PC that is connected to a network* install server part of USB to Ethernet on this computer and share scanner * launch client part of USB to Ethernet on every PC for remote connection We are using it for USB dongles sharing.

Can you connect a scanner as network scanner?

Yes, A Scanner can be added to a network. And with the help of server whole network can use that scanner

How do you remove a Trojan virus from your computer?

You need to scan your drive with a (recently updated) virus scanner. If the virus is on the computer prior to the virus scanner, the scanner could be comprimised. Then, you need to either scan your drive with another computer (through a network), or with a virus scanner on a removable medium, such as a floppy, usb stick or cd-rom. If able, the virus scanner will dispose of the virus after it has found it. If it can't it'll at least try to quarantine it.

Uses for scanner?

a scanner can be used to import printed photos onto your computer. It can also be used as a copy machine when connected to a printer.

Is a scanner part of a computers hard drive?

Nope - a scanner is a peripheral - something which is connected to the outside of a computer. It has nothing to do with the hard-drive.

What is the meaning of use of computer network?

The meaning of Computer network is focusing on sharing data and peripheral devices like printer, scanner, and other devices.

How do you know the IP address of others computer form my computer?

To find another computer's IP address on your network, you can use a scanning program like "Advanced IP Scanner". You could also access your router and view a list of connected IPs from there. There is no simple way for you to find out the IP of another computer over the internet however. It would be best for the owner of the other computer to find out their IP themselves and then tell you.

How do you scan a page?

put the file in scanner and then press sca it should be connected to a computer

Can you save scans onto a USB drive, independent of a computer?

This image scanner would need to be connected to a computer to function correctly. The scanner only has one USB port which is used to connect it to the computer. This is essential as the scanner works in conjunction with software that is installed on the PC.

Scanner input device?

A Scanner is a device that allows you to scan paper documents to your computer. The file will be saved somewhere in your computer, usually in your My Documents folder. Today, scanners are connected to printers, and they can also copy documents placed on the scanner bay if desired.

Can this scanner be connected to a computer running a Mac operating system?

Unfortunately no...This scanner currently only supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista operating systems.

What is a scanner?

A scanner reads data printed or handwritten on documents and photos, and then transfer it to the computer connected to is a device that scans documents and converts them into digital data.A scanner scans images and/or text documents on paper that is not on the computer, and makes a virtual copy onto a computer that can then be edited, opposed to a printer that prints a document from a computer.Diagram:Scanner: Document on actual paper > scanner > { virtual Document on computer}Printer: {virtual document on computer} > printer > actual paper document

Is scanner an output device?

No, it is an input. The data goes in to the computer from the scanner, not out of the computer to the scanner.

Scanner an input or output?

A scanner is an input device because you cannot send data from your computer to the scanner, only from the scanner to the computer.

Which component is an input device?

The mouse,keyboard,scanner,stylus,fingerprint scanner etc with your computer is and input devices. All the devices which provide information to your computer or thing that they are connected to are the input devices.

Is a scanner an input or an output device?

A scanner is an input device, like a microphone. You cannot send data from your computer to the scanner, only from the scanner to the computer.

What is the term peripheral divices?

Peripheral device are the computer devices that are connected to the computer externally such as printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse, tape device microphone and external modem

Identify two peripherals other than printers that could be connected to the LAN?

* NAS (network addressible storage) and network video cameras * Scanner * Security systems * Many modern consumer electronice are becoming networkable. You can now do things like regulate the heating and lighting in your home remotely through devices connected to your PC or LAN. # Mouse # Printer # Scanner

What is a group of computers connected together and share resources called?

an external computer add-on, such as a printer or a scanner; also known as an 'accessory'

Obd scanner reads not connected when it is connected?

I have a 1999 jimmy that reads obd tool not connected when it is ?

How would you network 13 offices using 6 computer systems 1 photocopier 1 scanner and a printer?

Wireless router

Is the scanner of a computer a hard ware or soft ware?

Is the scanner of a computer a hard ware or soft ware