Is there a website giving the value for all the different configurations of the Winchester Model 94 based on specifications serial and condition?

Not really. This is the most prolific rifle Winchester ever produced. There were five basic configurations (primarily based on barrel length) and three different manufacturing periods (antique prior to 1899, pre-1964 with hand-finished cast parts, and post-64 with stamped parts). Beyond that, there are variations in barrel shape (round, octagonal, and part-otagonal), sights, and magazine lengths that were standard available options. Some are common configurations, but rare when chambered for certain cartridges. And after that, there were all sorts of special order variations available. That doesn't even consider the plethora of limited-issue commemoratives that have been produced. If you have a standard rifle in a common caliber and get appraisals from 10 experts, you can expect they will all be pretty close. If you have anything extra, their estimates may be hundreds of dollars apart. The only appraisal that is valid is the one from a buyer with cash in hand.