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Some websites that can help you prepare for college are:


You should check out TOPQUEST at .collegiatezone.net. You can search/match to colleges and for scholarships. By registering basic information and using its auto-fill technology, you can complete multiple college applications in just a few minutes. It also helps you to narrow down the college search by entering your SAT/ACT and GPA scores. It matches your information to the requirements of the college. And you have access to tons of scholarships that you can apply to using the same auto-fill tool.

They offer bi-weekly chats and free online support after hours in their online counseling center.

1. Dedicated groups on different categories where youcan find answers to most of your questions.

2. Experts guidance and advice in Ask and answer section.

3. School and colleges list in India as well as abroad.

4. Info on important admission dates

5. Alert facility so that you do not forget important dates

6. Information for over 70,000 colleges, courses, scholarships and admission notifications


KnowHow2GO.org is a web site designed to help young students, particularly those in grades 8-10, learn how to prepare early for college. Visit .KnowHow2GO.org for more information.



There is an awesome college planning company that helps high school students and student-athletes select the right college. They do everything for you including your financial aid forms, setting up personal college visitation and much more. Their website is cciinc.org


Check out .eCampusTours.com - you can view virtual campus tours of the campuses before you go to visit. There is all kinds of helpful college planning info there.

College websites

You can learn a lot about individual colleges from their websites. You can even see on most college websites a virtual tour of their dorms and housing options, along with a map of the whole campus.


If you have already narrowed down the college you are going to be attending, I would suggest e-mailing them or taking a tour of the campus. Along with that, I think the best way to be prepared for college is to talk with people who have already experienced it, and find out good tips and advice they can give you!

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Who is my school advisors?

You can find out who your school advisor or guidance counselor is by looking on your school's website or stopping by the school guidance counseling center.

What is the simplest website to find scholarships on?

The best websites to find scholarships are websites like Scholarship, College Board, and sites recommended by a guidance counselor or the financial aid office.

Where do I apply for college grants?

To apply for grants for your college, see your guidance counselor first to see what scholarships/grants are available in your area. Then, go to the website www.fafsa.ed.gov and fill out your information, it will be returned to you telling you how much money you get for grants/scholarships and loans!

How do you become a school guidance counselor in Trinidad?

You can obtain a Bachelor's degree in Social Work, Psychology or Guidance and Counselling and apply to Service Commissions. They have a website, just google them.

Is Virginia College a good college?

Yes, Virginia College is a great college. I suggest you visit their website or talk to a counselor for more information.

Where can somebody contact Christian marriage counselors?

It would be easiest to find a Christian marriage counselor in the area by calling local churches or help centers that offer guidance. There is also a website called Find Christian Counselor that may be able to help.

What two places will you find application forms for college?

If you're a high school student, your guidance office is a great resource for college applications. Often they will have paper applications on file, but most colleges prefer online applications. Your guidance counselor should be able to guide you to the application online. You can also find applications on your own by going to the college website and finding the admissions section. Try googling the name of the college you're interested in and the address should come up on the search engine. Most colleges have websites that end in '.edu'.

What Florida colleges and universities offer science programs?

Nearly all Colleges and Universities offer science programs. To find out whether your college has one, talk to your admissions counselor, the college itself, or on the website of the college.

What is the location of some vocational schools in Minneapolis, MN that would assist my son in his education?

The Vocational Schools Database has a website that lists all vocational schools in the USA. Visit the website RWM to search. Another resource would be a guidance counselor.

What are college counselor certifications?

School Counseling requirements vary state-by-state. You should review the requirements of various types of counselors at different educational levels through the American School Counselor website at http://www.schoolcounselor.org/content.asp?contentid=242

Is there a website that list scholarships for undergraduate he could apply for?

The best idea is to go through his high school guidance counselor. I would also ask organizations him and his family belong to. I am a DAR member and they gave me $500 for school!

What is the Ameba Pigg website?

Pigg.Ameba.Jp The website is in Japanese, so be prepared for that.

What are good scholarship websites?

There are lots of great sites out there that will match you up with scholarships based on your interests and strengths. Fastweb.com is one and Scholarships.com is another. Don't forget that there are lots of ways to find college scholarships. Start with local scholarships. You can get a list on your high school website or from your guidance counselor at school. There are also scholarship listing books that organize scholarships by your intended college major, race, interests, club affiliation, employer (you or your parents), etc...

How do I begin to find film schools in new york?

WWW.FILMSCHOOL.COM This website is a great place to start to look into your career and interest in Film. Many websites are available, as well as your guidance counselor in school would be glad you help you find a school that is best for your needs.

What content can be found on the College Planning Network website?

The official website for the College Planning Network Website offers college solutions and tips to prepare for college. They also provide flexible payment plans for a college of your choice.

How do you become an EFY Counselor?

It's all on BYU's website! Just sign up like you would a participant but choose be a counselor rather. and do it early like november!

How do you apply to a four year college?

In the old days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth (before about 1994), you would write to their admissions office and request an application form, then fill it out. Or, if you're currently in high school and it's a local college, talk to your guidance counselor, who probably has some already.Nowadays, the college almost certainly has a website where you can download the application form. You may even be able to submit the application online. Be sure and read the instructions, because you may also need to have your high school send a transcript, or possibly have teachers submit references for you to complete the application. You might also have to have your standardized test results sent to the college.

Where can I find a reliable practice learners permit test?

Ask your school guidance counselor for a practice learners permit test. They will often have other suggestions to help you in your search. I have also gone to the Motor Vehicle Department website and found sample tests that helped reduce my fear significantly.

What can one get from the website College Internet?

There are many things that one can receive for the website College Internet. The biggest thing that one can get from the website College Internet would be cheap internet service.

What is the website of College of Home Economics Lahore Gulberg?

The website for College of Home Economics is: http://che.com.pk

What kinds of videos are featured on the College Humor website?

Comedy videos are featured on the College Humor website.

Is college invasion an explicit website?

"Yes. College invasion is an explicit website, mainly because it has pornographic materials, and is marketed as ""College Porn"". You must be 18 years old to enter their website."

What resources you should consult for guidance on army transportation safety?

The resources you should consult for guidance on the army transportation safety except are energy website. This is the department of energy.

How big is the Fanshawe College?

The exact size of Fanshawe College is not stated on the official college website. The website does state, however, that Fanshawe College is one of the largest colleges in Ontario, Canada.

Where can one find scholarship information for minorities?

The first thing you will want to do is complete the FASFA form. This will tell you what financial aid you are able to acquire from the federal government. Next, check with your child's high school guidance counselor. Finally, search the Scholarship.com website which includes a database of a wide variety of options.

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