Is there a website that gives you free info on how to do Jujitsu moves?

Please be aware that by their very nature, martial arts are taught in person. It can be difficult to find techniques on the web as most instructors understand the danger of trying to pass on knowledge without knowing who has it and how it is to be used. There are many aspects of a move or technique that simply cannot be communicated in words or pictures.


its true that training with an instructor is the best way to learn martial arts but not all of us can afford it or have access to a good instructor - my wife is from the Philippines and there her whole family learns martial arts by just doing them and watching - and they are really good - you do need passion and somebody to "copy" - a really great source of free info to get ideas and examples of techniques of any martial art is you-tube - just do a search for whatever style or technique you want, wade through the junk to find the real gems of instruction that are available and then practice - my whole family is learning bo staff and escrima this way and i think we are getting pretty good without an instructor

but do keep in mind martial arts is dangerous even in practice and without an instructor you need to be careful - even being careful me and my wife and kids are constantly covered with bruises and sore fingers from accidents - fortunately no broken fingers yet.

Try as you may, without personalized instruction, you will miss a large part of what the martial arts has to offer, friendship, learning, patience and the mind set necessary to apply the techniques to real life experiences.

Yes, YouTube.