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In short, no. A good starting point would be to look at the valuation on Kelley's Blue Book and look at previous sales on eBay. However, neither will give you better than an approximate value. Motorcycles are regionally popular, can have questionable use (i.e. being unused for years at a time), and are often customized.

Furthermore, customized features do not translate to additional value in sale, since these things tend to be individual taste oriented.

Start with KBB and eBay, then look on the various Ducati community websites like and others.

2007-12-30 23:32:27
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What is a docotty?

Do you mean Ducati? A Ducati is a motorcycle

Which ducati motorcycle is the most expensive and how much does it cost?

Ducati Desmosedici D16RR NCR M16, is the most expensive ducati motorcycle with a price tag of $232,500.

What model ducati motorcycle was on freaky Friday?

2001 Ducati Monster 600D

What is Edward Cullen's motorcycle?

a ducati

Is the 04 SS1000 a car?

It is a DUCATI Motorcycle.

What is the highest priced Ducati Motorcycle?


Where is ducati from?

The country which made Ducati motorcycle is Italy. The racing bike was made by a company owned by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his three sons namely Marcello, Bruno and Adrianno Ducati.

What kind of motorcycle was used in the movie salt?


Where is it possible to purchase Ducati motorcycles?

It is possible to purchase Ducati motorcycles from motorcycle suppliers. Motorcycle suppliers have showrooms where the models are displayed. It is also possible sometimes to by them on eBay.

What kind of motorcycle does Edward buy to ride with Bella?

A ducati

How much does a ducati motorcycle cost?

It ranges from $9,995 to about $1,000,995.

What type of motorcycle did Jake ride in freaky Friday?

Ducati. Don't know which Ducati, though - I'd love to know.

What was the motorcycle used in terminator 3?

ducati streetfighter - inspired bikes.

What motorcycle does Tom Cruise ride in Knight and day?

Ducati Hypermotard

What Italian motorcycle company has a red triangle logo with a silver swoosh?


What kind of motorcycle did Primo have in Biker Boyz?

Ducati 996s .....not sure the year

What is the fastest street legal factory production motorcycle of 2009?

The Ducati Fv is the fastest street legal motorcycle of 2009.

How much many money does a Ducati motorcycle cost?

A new 2014 Ducati Streetfighter costs about $14,000. A 2014 Ducati Diavel Carbon is about $21,000 from a dealer. Several other models have prices between those points.

What is the best looking motorcycle of all time?

ducati 916 moves the body and the soul ==

What was the first motorcycle with a front hydraulic clutch?

Ducati 600SL and TL Pantah in 1981

What is the average mileage of Ducati 996?

The average miles per gallon one can expect when riding a Ducati 996 motorcycle is around 47 MPG. Of course that will drop to around 37 MPG if you ride the Ducati hard and fast.

Best motorcycle brand?

Some of the best selling brands in 2012 are Ducati, Yamaha and Honda. These are on the top amongst the best motorcycle brands.

What type of motorcycle do buyers prefer?

If your willing to spend some good money,For a crusing motorcycle a harley davidson would be best,but for a racing motorcycle a ducati is the top of the line.

What type of oil does your ducati monster 750 use?

20-50wt perfered motorcycle oil

How much do motorcycle racers make?

well, you get around $20,000. but you are lucky if you get to ride a ducati 1098r