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Yes. It's an adjective. You could use it like this:

The easy way to get to my house from school is straight down the main road. There's a quicker way, but it involves a lot of turns in side streets and you might get lost. Let me show you a quicker method for solving the problem.

Candy is dandy,

But liquor is quicker.

--Ogden Nash

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What is a sentence using the quicker?

The word 'quicker' is the comparative form of the adjective 'quick' (quicker, quickest). Example sentence: The quicker bird grabbed the bread crust while the other squawked in protest.

What is the comparative and superlative of the word quick?


What is the comparative and superlative for the word quick?

quicker, quickest

How can you use the word mariner in a sentence?

Quicker then light, all the mariners boarded the ship.

What are the comparative and superlative forms of the word quickly?

Comparative form: Quicker Superlative form: Quickest

How do you make a word comparative?

Usually, by adding er. Fast, faster; smart, smarter; quick, quicker

How do you spell quicker?

That is the correct spelling of "quicker" (faster).

Why does sound travel quicker through stell than air?

Stell doesn't seem to be a word. Please clarify.

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Horizontal Ruler

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you can type quicker if you practice more

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There is no way to get it quicker

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Water evaporates quicker :)

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if your recovery time is quicker and your friend then your fitter than him the quicker the recovery time the fitter

Although you can use a dialog box to indent paragraph Word provides a quicker way through?

each time you press what key does word carry forward to the next paragrapgh

How can you make your period come quicker?

you can not make your period come quicker.

When does diffusion occur quicker?

Diffusion is quicker at high temperatures and pressures.

Is it quicker to fly to the moon than to the sun?

Yes, much quicker.

Is quicker a verb?

No.Quicker can be used as an adjective or an adverb.A verb is a word that describes an action (run, walk, etc), a state of being (exist, stand, etc) or occurrence (happen, become, etc).An adjective is a word that describes a noun (the car is blue / it was a cold day / etc).An adverb is a word that tells us more about a verb (My dog Fifi barks loudly / Nicola is really beautiful).

Do seeds grow quicker in water or soil?

seeds grow quicker in soil.

What did cotton gin and interchangeable parts accomplish?

quicker fixing and quicker cleaning.