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Is there a world record for longest game of cat's cradle?

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Yes, Geneva Hultenius, Maryann DiVona, and Rita Divona completed 21200 cat's cradles in 21 hours in Chula Vista, California.

2009-04-28 19:49:26
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What is the world record of cats in cradle?

2'000 in 21 hours

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Cats cradle is a movement with your hands, using a rubber band to form a shape.

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He never did. It is a common misconception that Cat Stevens (today known as Yusuf Islam) recorded "Cat's in the Cradle," but in fact it was sung by Harry Chapin (and co-written by him and his then-wife); Harry Chapin had a big hit with it in 1974.

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Does Kid Rock sing Cats in the Cradle?'s_in_the_Cradle

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Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin

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