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Yes, there is such a thing as yellow ladybird and there is also such a thing as a an orange ladybird.

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Q: Is there a yellow ladybird
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Is a black and yellow ladybird poisonous?


What are the colors of a ladybird?

Red, black, yellow and orange

What a ladybird look like?

a ladybird is normally red but some are yellow or black but those colours are more unlikely anyway the red ones have black spots on them!

What is the difference between a red and yellow ladybird?

their colour....nothing else Different species of ladybird have different colors, including scarlet, orange, yellow, even blue or green. (See related link, below, for images.)

Is the yellow ladybird poisonous?

well yellow ladybirds are not poisonous but black ones are poisonous. do you people get it yellow ladybirds are not poisonous i hoped you liked my message.

How do you tell gender difference in a ladybird?

by the colour of there neck yellow girl boy red

When was Ladybird Ladybird created?

Ladybird Ladybird was created in 1744.

How does a ladybird smell?

As a defence mechanism many ladybird species exude a yellow fluid (called reflex blood) which has an unpleasant acrid smell, and which can stain soft furnishings

Colors of a ladybird?

They are red with black spots on their wings.ladybirds are usually red but can be orange or yellow as well.

If a yellow ladybird goes on you are you poisoned?

no but if their poop gets into your skin you are but the poop would have to be there for a while to get into your skin

What are Small black flying bugs with yellow dots on their back?

It could be a domino beetle if the yellow is pale and sort of white. Or a Harlequin ladybird

Does a ladybird change color asit gets older?

Yes, a ladybird or ladybug does change color as it gets older. This beetle can change from brown to yellow to orange or red during its lifetime.

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