Is there a yoyo store in Colorado Springs Colorado?

There is a fantastic store in Manitu Springs, which is very near Colorado Springs. The store is called Plinkity Plink, and it is, for the most part a music box store. Back towards the cash register, you will find "YoyoLoco", one of the best stocked yoyo stores around. He has every brand you can think of, not just a bunch of Duncans or Yomegas, and he has every skill level, from the very basic to the highly advanced. And he gets the newest releases, in fact, this New Years Eve, he's one of the first stores in the country to get the new Hitman Pro. I know it sounds like I'm a shill for the store, but really, I'm not. I come to Colorado Springs twice a year to visit my mother, and I always make a point to go to YoyoLoco. It's a fantastic won't be sorry.