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You don't need to use an action replay to get him, you just need to finish 150cc and you will unlock him along with Mirror Mode

But, Yes there is a action replay code for R.O.B. It is:

023CDD40 0000000B

The white R.O.B. code is:

023C9E00 00000000

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Mario Kart ds Action Replay?

No only Mario kart wii does that.All games utilize action replay codes. It isn't just Mario Kart Wii. Anything Datel has made an Action Replay for.

Mario kart can you make your own kart by using action replay?


How do you get a action replay on Mario Kart?

you can buy them at gamestop

Is there a character with no kart code for Mario Kart DS?

No. But with Action Replay its the Opposite

How do you play on the dokan cource in Mario Kart?

action replay

How do you hack Mario Kart 7?

action replay 3DS

How do you get spe ed racer character on Mario kart wii?

Speed Racer is not in Mario Kart Wii.

Mario Kart DS id number for action replay?

The ID code for Mario kart ds is AMCP-E45A2937

Can you get baby Mario in Mario kart ds with action replay?

No, sorry. I had AR (Action Replay) and I went through website by website and found nothing with Baby Mario.

How do you go to the action replay code in Mario Kart DS?


What are cheats for Mario Kart DS?

The only cheats are activated with an Action Replay.

Where do you get action replay code disc for Mario Kart?

you can't I've tryed

What is the action replay code for the dokan course in Mario kart ds?


Mario kart ds cheats star in 1st place?

get action replay

How do you get unlimited bullets on Mario Kart ds?

Try using an Action Replay.

How do you use the button activation codes action replay?

mario kart 7

What is Mario Kart 7 game id for Action Replay?

Mario Kart 7 does not work with anything but Powersaves (the latest device from AR). Entering a game ID on an older action replay device doesn't work.

How do you cheat on Mario Kart?

Either with a Action Replay (For the DS), or with the Homebrew channel (For the Wii).

How do you cheat on Mario kart DS without an action replay?

You can take the shortcuts, but that's it.

What is the action replay code for Mario kart ds game?

There IS NOT ONE theres alot of them.

What is the action replay dsi code on Mario kart ds for a lot of speed?


All action replay codes mario kart DS?

Find lots at

How do you cheat in Mario kart DS without action replay?

I don't think there is any cheats.

How do you cheat in Mario Kart ds?

The only way I know is to use a action replay ds

In Mario kart how do you freeze time with action replay?

I don't know but im gonna find out