Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Is there an action replay code for all items for Pokemon diamond?


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999 Of All Items (Press L+R) 94000130 FCFF0000

B21C4D28 00000000

B0000004 00000000

E0000890 00000294

03E70044 03E70045

03E70046 03E70047

03E70048 03E70049

03E7004A 03E7004B

03E7004C 03E7004D

03E7004E 03E7004F

03E70050 03E70051

03E70052 03E70053

03E70054 03E70055

03E70056 03E70057

03E70058 03E70059

03E7005A 03E7005B

03E7005C 03E7005D

03E7005E 03E7005F

03E70060 03E70061

03E70062 03E70063

03E70064 03E70065

03E70066 03E70067

03E70068 03E70069

03E7006A 03E7006B

03E7006C 03E7006D

03E7006E 03E7006F

03E70087 03E70088

03E700D5 03E700D6

03E700D7 03E700D8

03E700D9 03E700DA

03E700DB 03E700DC

03E700DD 03E700DE

03E700DF 03E700E0

03E700E1 03E700E2

03E700E3 03E700E4

03E700E5 03E700E6

03E700E7 03E700E8

03E700E9 03E700EA

03E700EB 03E700EC

03E700ED 03E700EE

03E700EF 03E700F0

03E700F1 03E700F2