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yea just go to they have a wide variety of parts youn need for scooters, minibikes,choppers.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-09 12:41:15
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Q: Is there an aftermarket kit that can be used to install blinkers on a minichopper?
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What is used to stop a horse from looking to the side?


Can factory wires be used with aftermarket speakers?

Yes they can be.

Is 1300 dollars too much to install a new air pump on anAudi A6?

Hi, My suggestion is to stay away from the DEALER and their ripoff prices. Find someone to recommend an honest independent shop (they're out there) have them install an aftermarket or used unit. Good luck.

Can the radio controls on the wheel of a 07 civic si be used with an aftermarket stereo?

We have put an aftermarket car stereo in a car with the controls on the steering wheel. You have to check to see if an aftermarket wiring harness is available for that year and model.

What are blinkers?

Blinkers also called Blinders are a piece of equipment mainly used in harness horse tack. They are little square or cup shaped pieces of leather or synthetic material that block some or all of a horses vision. They are typically used to prevent the horse from spooking at the sight of the cart or sulkies wheels turning behind them or from being able to see another horse or object approaching. Blinkers are also used on Thoroughbreds and other breeds of horses used for flat racing for the same purposes and to focus their attention in front of them.

What could be causing the dome light fuse in a 1990 Grand Prix to blow and what else is on this fuse?

Well i have a newer grand prix, but i was told in some situations if you install an aftermarket CD player and the proper kits and installing procedures arent used, then the dome lights will not work. I have also heard in rare cases this can affect the airbags. So if you do have an aftermarket deck maybe you should look into that.

What type of socket is used to install memory?

What type of socket is used to install system memory

Is the itouch better than a regular laptop?

No, it is not but then again this is just a matter of opinion. The screen would be too small to watch most movies, you cant buy any aftermarket program and install it in the OS either. They would be used for different purposes.

Where can I get online shop that provides aftermarket car parts?

If you are in need of aftermarket parts for your used vehicle, Advance Auto Parts is the store for you. We do our best to provide you reasonable prices, service, and guarantees.

What type of socket used to install system memory?

What type of socket is used to install system memory

What type of socket is used to install system memory?

What type of socket is used to install system memory

Do aftermarket cellphone antennas actually boost the signal?

No, I have used many and have never noticed a difference.

How do i get the radio to work in my 1995 Pontiac firebird?

First thing to do is check the fuse. If the fuse is good then you will have to remove the radio and have it repaired or replace. You should be able to find a used radio at any salvage yard or you can install an aftermarket radio. That would be cheaper than having it repaired.

Are there any affordable aftermarket car seats?

Of course there are aftermarket car seats! Searching online on eBay is a good place to start. You can find USED car seats for a VERY low price, maybe even 10 cents!

What are horse blinders called in kannada?

Horse blinders are used on race tracks so the horse can't be distracted. In Canada they may also be called blinkers.

Can you stroke a Chevy 402 big block i believe it is a 1972?

Yes. There are any number of aftermarket crankshafts that could be used.

How do you wire an aftermarket amp from the trunk of a 2004 dodge neon srt-4 to the battery?

You need to let a professional do it. I used to work in a salvage yard and I can't tell you how many cars we got in that had been burned to the ground by an improperly installed aftermarket amplifier.

Are aftermarket auto parts as reliable as factory parts?

As I say, always go for factory parts because they can be more reliable, but if you can't afford them or they aren't available then getting aftermarket parts are a good idea. But they are also a good idea for a short time because they are used.

In replacing the front axel on a cj what is the upside to going Used axel vs the downside to a new aftermarket axel?

About a quarter of the cost.

Do Pontiac 400 v8s require the oil drippers when after market heads are used?

You will need to consult your aftermarket manufacturer about specific requirements.

How can I boost the engine performance on my truck?

There are many ways to boost performance on a vehicle. Aftermarket intakes and exhaust systems are cheaper ways to gain horsepower. Fuel injected trucks are able to use modified ECU's to change how much air/fuel are used in the engine. For the biggest improvements you could install a supercharger or turbo kit.

What are Jeep aftermarket parts?

A whole range of aftermarket parts are available for the Jeep from performance enhancing parts such as brake rotors and engine gasket sets to cosmetic parts such as floor mats and seat covers. You can browse through the various Jeep aftermarket parts on the website of 1A Auto. They are one of the premier suppliers of aftermarket Jeep replacement parts and guarantee that their parts last two times longer than similarly priced used OEM Jeep parts. They also offer free shipping of your order within one business day.

What part is typically used to install a modem?

PCI Slot

Which file extensions can be used to start a software install?


Does Chevy make the 427 engine?

Chevy used to make a 427 big block, but the 427 small blocks are made from aftermarket parts.