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Is there an age limit for putting on braces?


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2005-05-07 13:50:25
2005-05-07 13:50:25

Not to my knowledge, I have heard of someone in their 70s getting braces. And it is becoming more and more popular for people in their 40s and 50s to have their teeth straightened. In a lot of cases it isn't about cosmetics, but about a healthy bite ~ the state of your teeth has quite an impact on your overall health. It is never too late to improve your self-esteem either!


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There really isn't an age limit for braces. You are pretty much never too old to have them on. If you meant age minimun, then that depends on the person and the orthodontist. If there is crowding or something that is concerning most orthodontists will do a free consult to let you know the plan for your mouth.

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do you have to be working to buy an ira

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There's really no limit, you can get braces as an adult. It'll take a little longer for the teeth to move around, that's all.

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If you are putting braces in walls it keeps them supported

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You get your teeth removed before braces are put on.

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