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No, asteroids are smaller than planets, and planets are smaller than the sun.

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What planet is bigger than an asteroid?

They all are bigger than an asteroid.

What is bigger than an asteroid but smaller than Mercury and farther from the sun than Neptune and why?

The dwarf planet, Pluto, is bigger than an asteroid, smaller than Mercury, and farther from the sun than Neptune. It used to be the smallest and furthest planet in our solar system.

Is some asteroid bigger than sun?

Never. They can never grow to that size.

What is bigger meteorite or asteroid?

A meteorite is usually smaller than an asteroid.

Are any planets bigger than an asteroid?

Even the smallest planet is larger than the largest asteroid.

Is Earth bigger than the Sun?

No, the Earth is not bigger than the Sun. The Sun is 109x bigger than the Earth.

Are planets bigger than an asteroid?

Yes, planets would be much bigger.

How is the sun bigger than the Earth?

why is the sun bigger than earth

Is an asteroid bigger than the planets?

No. Ceres, the largest asteroid, is still far smaller than Mercury, the smallest planet.

How much bigger is the Earth than the sun?

The sun is bigger than the Earth. The sun is approximately 109 times bigger than Earth.

Is the moon bigger or asteroids bigger?

The moon is much larger than any asteroid. It has about 25 times more mass than all of the asteroids in the asteroid belt combined.

Star that is bigger than the sun and the earth?

The stars that are bigger than the sun and earth are the stars that are bigger than the sun and those stars are Sirius,Pollux and Arcturus

Where is the solar system's asteroid belt located?

Most of the asteroids revolve around the sun in orbits that are bigger than the orbit of Mars and smaller than the orbit of Jupiter.

Name a star bigger than the sun?

Arcturus is bigger than the sun.

Is the Earth bigger than an asteroid?

Yes. Earth is much larger tha even the largest asteroid.

Is an asteroid bigger than a universe?

No. The universe is everything that exists.

Is an asteroid bigger than earth?

No. Asteroids are much smaller than Earth.

What planets are between the asteroid belt and the sun?

The planets nearer the sun than the asteroid belt are; Mars Earth Venus Mercury

Which is bigger the sun or the earth?

The Sun is bigger than the Earth.

Is a dwaft planet closer to the sun?

No, a dwarf planet is smaller than a planet but bigger than an asteroid, and dwarf planets tend to be a long way out, like Pluto and Eris.

Is start bigger than sun?

Their are some other stars bigger than the sun

Is apophis asteroid bigger than earth?

No, not even close. It it were bigger than Earth, then it would be a planet, not an asteroid. Apophis is a little over 1,000 feet across or about as wide as a skyscraper is tall.

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