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I think the N will continue his lies as long as they work. I don't believe there is any set time for this. I finally got the courage to stand up to my N after a year. Things deteriorated rapidly after that until I finally kicked him out. I did get some satisfaction from knowing HE knows I was on to him, even though he probably doesn't care. Neither do I now. He is history. Good luck! They lie forever about everything even denying it while they have been discovered. One N I knew at work went through elaborate means to move his wife out of town to continue his charade as single after I confronted him with reliable proof of his marriage and where she lived. HE continued to the denial for three more years and i harped on him constantly about his wife he didn't want anyone to know about. He INSISTED he was married to her for only six years and then got a divorce in 2000. Finally one day his wife called at work on an emergency and there was no denying it. He was PISSED - but would not say anything one way or the other. I still referred to her as his WIFE and he gave up arguing with me but would tell others she was a lying psycho b***. The charade was starting to crumble. Wasn't long and he ditched his then girlfriend naive, half his age, etc., who figured he was married by then. Then one of his exes came back to work in our office. She had met his wife at the deli where she worked. Some other unrelated stuff happened and the N put in notice to quit. The last week he was flirting and chatting with me like everything was sunshine and roses. THEN (and oh this is good!)... a man called asking to speak to MR *or* MRS ______ Of course I announced it to him in front of everyone. He would not look at me for the rest of the week. Some month later cruising the web I came across court records. He was married in 1988 and then divorced in 2000 BUT remarried the same woman only five months later on what would have been their 13th wedding anniversary in 2001. No divorce records since. So that's a 19 year marriage - NOT six. But there is more. Before this wife he had married three times before each a year apart '82, 83 and 84. He only admitted to having only two wives. I suppose the two other extra ones were annulled. Their facade does crumble, but the thing is he would keep away from those that he KNEW were onto his lies and would continue the BS with others less familiar. If they can't handle it anymore or too many people find out they will make a fast exit but not without one last big confabulation to tell, some adventure or secret mission to undertake. So to answer your question, the narcissist does not ever discontinue his deceptions he just aims it somewhere else. It really does erode their egos for you to keep making vague reference to something you KNOW he is lying about. HE will still deny it of course but keep at it.

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The following are suggestions from contributors:Here are a few of the things the narcissist finds devastating, especially in a court of law, for instance during a deposition:Any statement or fact, which seems to contradict his inflated perception of his grandiose self.Any criticism, disagreement, exposure of fake achievements, belittling of "talents and skills" which the narcissist fantasizes that he possesses, any hint that he is subordinated, subjugated, controlled, owned or dependent upon a third party.Any description of the narcissist as average and common, indistinguishable from many others.Any hint that the narcissist is weak, needy, dependent, deficient, slow, not intelligent, naive, gullible, susceptible, not in the know, manipulated, a victim.The narcissist is likely to react with rage to all these and, in an effort to re-establish his fantastic grandiosity, he is likely to expose facts and stratagems he had no conscious intention of exposing. The narcissist reacts with narcissistic rage, hatred, aggression, or violence to an infringement of what he perceives to be his entitlement. Any insinuation, hint, intimation, or direct declaration that the narcissist is not special at all, that he is average, common, not even sufficiently idiosyncratic to warrant a fleeting interest will inflame the narcissist.Tell the narcissist that he does not deserve the best treatment, that his needs are not everyone's priority, that he is boring, that his needs can be catered to by an average practitioner (medical doctor, accountant, lawyer, psychiatrist), that he and his motives are transparent and can be easily gauged, that he will do what he is told, that his temper tantrums will not be tolerated, that no special concessions will be made to accommodate his inflated sense of self, that he is subject to court procedures, etc. - and the narcissist will lose control.Contradict, expose, humiliate, and berate the narcissist. Document every incident completely - behavior, late arrivals, injuries, neglect, threats, rages, etc. This makes it more difficult for them to continue making up more stories to explain away the behavior. We focused on specific behaviors or lack of. Research and then document. Facts and truth are best weapons against a Narcissist.

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If he was a narcissist, then nothing you did could ever be a good as he knew he "deserved." So he looked elsewhere, which he'll probably keep doing for the rest of his life, no matter how well the woman he's with treats him.He wanted something other than what he got from you. I think it's the same answer regardless of his psychiatric diagnosis, if any. It would be harder to please a narcissist than the average person. The person trying to please a narcissist wouldn't get empathy back, among other things, so it might be for the best to have a narcissist leave you. But I don't think the trigger for that happening is much different than any other relationship.

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No, most aren't. However, there have been studies that showed that there is a higher rate of bisexuality and homosexuality in narcissists than the average. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that bisexuals/homosexuals are more likely to be narcissists. One theory uses this logic:1. A narcissist believes that he or she can do no wrong.2. It is theorized that many people who have homosexual tendencies repress them because they think of them as wrong.3. If people did not think that homosexuality was wrong, then those people would probably be homosexuals.4. A narcissist will be accepting of whatever she or he is.5. A narcissist will accept his or her own homosexuality, or for that matter anything about her- or himself.6. This leads to the conclusion that a higher proportion of the narcissists who have bisexual or homosexual tendencies(which is the same percent of narcissists as it is of any group of people) will accept who they are and be bisexual or homosexual. It still won't be most, though.

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