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Q: Is there an easy way to find undergraduate requirements for the UC CSU colleges for speech pathology or speech disorder major?
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Another name for bodily disorder or disease?

Affliction, condition, syndrome, pathology, disability, disadvantage

What is the meaning of postural disorder?

It is important to know the definition medical terms. Postural disorder is defined as the difference of a postural model of an individual with an ongoing pathology and the model of a person who happens to be generally healthy.

What is the difference between an illness and a disease?

Illness means a subjective distressing feeling of a person. Disease is a physical pathology in a person Disorder is usually used in Psychiatry where there is no physical involvement but it is a disturbance of function, structure, or both such as in depressive disorder

Are you allowed to be in the army if you have bipolar disorder?

In most cases yes, but it must be manageable. You must be able to meet all physical, mental and psychological requirements. If your bipolar disorder interferes with that you will be discharged.

What are some diseases to the muscular system?

A disease, also known as pathology, is any abnormal condition. These include injuries like strains, which can range from mild to severe that requires a trip to the ER. Lack of use and malnutrition can lead to atrophy. Spasticity could be a disorder of the nervous system. The disorder known as Duchenne muscular dystrophy is caused by a genetic disorder.

What causes scalloped tongue?

A scalloped tongue can be caused by a B12 deficiency, or by TMJ or thyroid disorder. According to The Association of Tongue Scalloping With Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Related Sleep Pathology, scalloping is 70% indicative of sleep apnea.

Is clinical depression a mood disorder conduct disorder anxiety disorder or a personality disorder?

it is an anxiety disorder

What specifically can a family member do to help a recovering bulimic?

Family members can help locate resources, such as eating disorder clinics in local hospitals or treatment programs in colleges designed for students.

How does post traumatic stress disorder differ from combat operational stress reactions?

PTSD has specific chronological requirements and symptom markers that must be satisfied in order to diagnose

Is Post traumatic Stress Disorder a mood disorder or anxiety disorder?

PTSD is an anxiety disorder.

Is bipolar a pshyciatric disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric disorder.

Is obsessive compulsive disorder a mood disorder?

No, it is a behavioral disorder.

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