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Is there an easy way to shave your legs?

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No. I recommend using Green Soap (tattooing soap). It removes all the dead skin giving you a closer shave.

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Is it safe to shave your legs?

if you shave them the right way then yes

What is the best way to shave your legs?

Use a sharp razor and soap or shaving cream. Shave towards your body and rinse your legs of well when you are done.

How do you stopin itchin when i shave my legs?

Don't shave your legs!

Do women in Europe shave their legs?

Not all women in Europe shave their legs. It is a myth that European women do not shave their legs.

Do you have to shave your legs to wear hose?

no, you do not have to shave your legs to wear hose.

Do all football players shave their legs?

Not all football players shave their legs.

Is it okay if guys shave their legs?

Lots of athletes shave their legs, especially swimmers.

Does Cody Rhodes shave his legs?

yes Cody does shave his legs, and he claims that his legs are smoother than any woman's

Do you get a closer shave if you shave your legs when you have goosebumps?


Does Nick Jonas shave his legs?

Nick does shave his legs. He is a 16 year old boy!

You make your boyfriend shave his legs?

My wife perfers me to shave my legs, chest, pubes, and back.

What is the best brand to use to shave your legs?

veet is the best brand to shave your legs. it works and makes your legs smooth and silky.

Do you have to shave your legs?

No, you don't have to shave your legs but i recomend you did. If you don't shave your legs people (as in boys mostly) will make fun of you. Especially in high school. Now, you don't have to but you should. This is a common problem for many girls. The best choice is to shave.

What is the easiest and fastest way to shave your legs?

If you haven't begun to shave your upper leg yet, you can still do it just to the knee. It saves half of the time.

How do you ask your mom to shave your legs?

You just tell her like "Mom i need to start to shave my legs that's what i did"

When do you know you have to shave your legs?

When the hair gets so long that you feel embarrassed. That's when you need to shave your legs.

Why bike do shave their legs?

they shave because the hair will slow them down

Is it gay for guys to shave their legs?

Not necessary. Some swimmers shave their legs and entire body for less resistance in the water.

Why dont boys shave their legs?

Some boys do shave their legs. I do because it is more hygienic than oily, dirty hair all over your legs.

Does Miley Cyrus shave?

Yes, Miley Cyrus does shave her appropriate areas that girls usually shave. Such as arm pits, legs, and arms. This is a cleaner and more presentable way to look for most women.

Can a guy shave their legs?

Of course a guy can shave his legs. Men can shave any part of their body they choose -- it's a personal decision. Many men shave their legs, armpits, chests, and even arms and pubic hair. Some men even shave it all. It's all "normal" and acceptable.

Should you shave your legs?


Does Bill Kaulitz shave his legs?


Does John McCain shave his legs?


What can you use to shave your legs?

A Razor..

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