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squats and leg lifts are really good leg workouts. And so easy. Try doing them while watching TV. It makes the time fly by.

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โˆ™ 2005-02-23 18:23:03
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Q: Is there an exercise that you can do in your own home that will decrease the fat on your knees?
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Is there any exercise to help lose fat around the knees?

Fat loss cannot be isolated. The human body is one unit, it is not divided in compartments. There is no magic exercise to make you lose fat around your knees. But any aerobic exercise will help, plus proper nutrition.

How do you lose fat in knees?

You can't target weight loss to a specific area. The only way to lose fat from your knees is to loose weight generally or to exercise and tone the area around the knees.

Why does your breasts get smaller when you exercise?

Breast size will only potentially decrease from exercise if there is fat loss. Breasts are mostly fatty tissue. Exercise sometimes decreases body fat, decrease in body fat may in turn reduce breast size. If the exercise does not incur fat loss, breast size will not be reduced by it.

What is a home remedy for belly fat?

Diet and exercise

What is best for rapid fat loss - diet, exercise or surgery?

The best method for fat loss is a combination of diet and exercise. Surgery is usually not an option for most people due to cost and time. Diet helps you decrease caloric intake and exercise helps you burn calories and fat.

Are there any exercises that can help get rid of the fat around the knees?

No, you can not spot train fat away. You lose excess fat through a healthy diet and consistent exercise. You cannot lower your fat in a specific area, you must lower your body fat percentage in order to see results. Fat in the knees are uncommon, but you must maintain a balanced diet and workout routine.

What exercise reduces fat knees?

Short of liposuction there's no way to target weight loss. You have to go on a diet and lose some fat all over.

What exercise decreases breast size?

None are specifically intended to decrease breast size.However; any exercise that potentially decreases fat may reduce breast size from fat reduction as a side effect.

What are the simple home tips for losing fat?

Eat less, exercise more.

Im fit but why do you have stomach fat?

Even though a person may be fit and healthy, they still can have stomach fat. This is most often a genetic issue. Continuing diet and exercise can help decrease stomach fat.

How do you decrease fat in our body?

Use These Pills as per reviews these are working for 1000โ€™s people

What are some popular body fat loss methods?

The best ways to lose body fat is through a balanced diet and regular exercise. Limiting one's intake of saturated fats and simple carbohydrates, and striving to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day should decrease one's body fat.

How do you loose belly fat in a month?

You can NOT focus fat loss in any spot of the body, so just eating right and regular exercise will decrease overall weight loss.

Can running make your legs big or small?

Dynamic exercise (like running), will not cause a change in muscle size. If you do weight training or use weights on your legs when you run, your legs will increase in size. Exercise does cause fat to be burned, so the amount of fat on your legs may decrease.

Can sit ups reduce waistline fat?

Sit ups will strengthen and eventually enlarge your abs (muscles,) but the way to decrease waistline fat is cardiovascular exercise (such as biking, running, or swimming.) Sit ups may also function as cardiovascular exercise, but this effect is tiny compared to the fat loss you would see from primarily cardiovascular exercises.

Can fat be melt through exercise and diet?

No fat can never be melted. Fat is stored energy and the energy can be used through exercise.

How do you get skinny knees?

loose weight fat-so

How do you trim fat from the back of knees?

Your body will not take fat from just the back of your legs (knees). The body is designed to remove fat from everywhere when you diet. The body will store and remove fats according to your genetic make-up. This question really can't be answered in short.......the best answer that I can give is to watch how much and what types of food that you eat, drink plenty of water, and get an exercise program going!

How does exercise lower body fat?

Exercise requires energy, and some of that energy comes from stored body fat. Regular exercise then, combined with a sensible diet, will lead to reduced body fat.

What fat does brisk walking burn?

When done properly it is cardio exercise. Cardio exercise burns fat from wherever there is too much body fat.

Do donuts make you fat?

One donut does not make a person fat. However, too many donuts can make a person 'fat'. Donuts are high in fat content, but if you burn off the calories (both from and not from fat) doing exercise, eating the donuts is not a problem. Donuts in moderation with exercise (once a week with a some exercise, two a week with a good amount of exercise, three a week with a very good amount of exercise, one for each day of the week with intense exercise, etc.) do not make you fat.

What is the most amount of calories you can have and lose weight without 'storing' it?

one pound of fat is approximately 3000 calories and if u dont want to store fat u have to eat less calories than u burn to increase calorie burn exercise to decrease calorie intake diet but exercise is the key

How does exercise burn fat?

Because the body will have to release the fat for energy, which is then burned by mitochondria in the cells for energy to exercise.

Why does fat burn while you exercise?

Because exercise works Ur muscles which causes the fat cells to shrink! :)

What types of exercise equipment will help with improving burning fat fast?

Fat can be burned fast with or without exercise equipment. Any exercise or equipment that makes you sweat and exercise individual muscles will reduce fat if a reasonable food diet is also maintained.