Is there an insurance company writing contractors general liability at a reasonable rate in Nevada?

There is no "absolutely" answer to this, or to any other question pertaining to this or any other kind of insurance. Insurance rates, from which premiums derive are functions of the risk factors presented by the insured's business operation. Certainly, insurers vary on the rate (and therefore, the premium) that is charged, but "cheap" does not equate with "best" and you should not make your decision based solely on the premium. You also need to consider the level of claims service in the event of a loss. Despite what may be a lower premium, if the claims process in the event of a loss is difficult to navigate, it may not be worth the few dollars in premium that are being saved. Therefore, it is critical to shop various companies that write the insurance, ask colleagues in your industry about their experiences, and to deal with an insurance agent who has access to many companies and is conversant with the type of insurance that you seek.

Absolutely. Yes, National General Insurance Company, Inc is offer low cost Contractors General Liability coverage in Nevada. Contact Phone for them is 480-545-1999 or email