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This type of coverage can be had in either the form of life insurance or disability insurance. A life insurance policy can be of a type that has progressively lower indemnity benefits that roughly correlate with the balance owing on the mortgage.

A disability policy compensates for lost income due to a covered disability--an inability to work. Those benefits may ve used to make mortgage payments, or for any other purpose.

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Q: Is there an insurance that will pay your mortgage payments in case of job loss or disability?
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Is private mortgage insurance the same as homeowners insurance?

They are not the same. Homeowner's insurance insures the property: dwelling, personal property, other structures on the property, etc. Private mortgage insurance pays the mortgage in case of the death or disability of the mortgagor.

Does homeowners insurance pay off your mortgage if you are sick and dying?

Homeowners insurance does not provide any coverage for paying the mortgage payment - it only covers damages to the house itself. For coverage to pay off the mortgage in case of illness, accident, or death, you need disability coverage and/or life insurance. Disability coverage will generally pay a monthly benefit for as long as you are unable to return to work due to injury or illness, while life insurance pays a lump sum to your beneficiary upon your death.

The Value of Mortgage Insurance to All Consumers?

Many people do not realize the importance of purchasing a mortgage insurance policy. A mortgage insurance policy is even more important than the things that are in the home, considering if something happens to default the mortgage loan, the lender is protected. With mortgage insurance, the insurance company basically becomes the beneficiary in the case of any default against the borrower although the borrower purchases the insurance and pays the premiums. Also, many homeowners or buyers do not know that mortgage insurance is a necessity or requirement when it comes to getting any type of home loan to purchase a property. There are two main types of mortgage insurance, Private Mortgage Insurance and Mortgage Protection Insurance. With Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI, if a consumer doesn't hold at least twenty percent equity or cannot put a twenty percent down payment on the mortgage loan a PMI may become a requirement to get any mortgage loan. This is because the PMI is used to protect the lender against any loss in case of default. There is Borrower paid PMI which is where the consumer pays an insurance premium. There is also Lender paid PMI which means the lender pays for the PMI and the lender recovers any premium costs by adding it to the mortgage loan interest charges. The second type is Mortgage Protection Insurance. This type is available in the case that the consumer cannot make their monthly mortgage payments due to financial hardships, illnesses or injuries and other such issues. Within this category is Mortgage Life Insurance which covers the remaining amount of the mortgage loan in case of death. There is also Mortgage Disability Insurance that covers the consumer in the event that the person becomes physically disabled. This coverage usually only pays about fifty to seventy percent of the person's yearly salary towards mortgage payments. A consumer may also get a combination of Life and Disability Mortgage Protection, but it is wise to compare different policies and be knowledgeable of the policies before committing to them. In conclusion, Mortgage insurance policies are in place to protect the lenders but also have options such as the Life and Disability Protection policies to protect the consumer. In any case, every consumer should research the differences, ask questions about premium costs and coverage and not settle for merely one policy if the others may be available to them.

Can disability insurance be taken for medical bills in Colorado?

Disability insurance was designed to provide a monthly income or to replace your paycheck in case you can't work due to an illness or accident. Unlike Major Medical health insurance which pays part of the doctors visits fees, medications, treatments cost, the disability insurance benefit can be used for anything you need, like a gap for medical deductibles or co-payments, or utilities, groceries, mortgage payments, or any other expenses including alternative treatments, vacation, etc. There is no limitation on how you should spend your disability insurance benefits. Some disability insurance policies have additional benefits paid specifically for home adjustments (for example, to make your home wheelchair accessible) - this additional benefits can only be spent for that purpose.

How much is disablility insurance?

Insurance Companies pay different disability insurance as per package. There are many factor involved in getting disability insurance. You have to fully understand and fill out the disability work sheet that will determine how much you will get in case of disability.

What is mortage insurance?

The term Mortgage Insurance can mean different things to different people and in a variety of situations. I have heard it refer to life insurance designed to pay off a mortgage balance due to death of an insured person. another type of Mortgage Insurance is products such a PMI, which indemnifies a bank or mortgage company in the case of a default on a mortgage loan. In this type of mortgage insurance the person who takes out the loan pays the premiums through their house payments, but will not receive any benefit from the insurance as the only one who gets paid is the bank or mortgage company. The insurance company can then still come after the borrower for the amount of their loss.

Your husband has the mortgage in his name only we also have mortgage insurance and we have the deed in both of our names if he dies would the mortgage company get the house or would the wife?

The mortgage insurance you are referring to is most likely the standard mortgage insurance that is on a loan above 80% of the value of the house. This MI covers the lender in case of the borrower defaulting on the loan. It does nothing to help the borrower. If you are on the deed then you still own the house if your husband dies but if you cannot either refinance the mortgage or continue to pay the monthly payments then the lender will ultimately foreclose on the house and repossess it. What you need is a life insurance policy that will pay off the balance on the mortgage in case of the death of the mortgage holder.

What are the benefits of disability insurance?

Disability insurance covers you in case you are not able to work due to a disability. This may pay for your bills, medical expenses, and other costs of living.

What are the terms for one to qualify for the Prudential Disability Insurance?

To qualify for Prundential Disability Insurance you have to consult your local Prudential office. They offer insurance on a case by case basis and have the full right to deny anyone applying.

Do you have to carry mortgage insurance?

No you don't have to, but you would be a fool not to carry enough insurance to cover your mortgage! However, most mortgage lenders do require it, and if so, they will not make the loan if you refuse to carry the mortgage insurance. In that case, the choice is yours.

Who should have mortgage insurance?

Are you referring to mortgage insurance that is added to your monthly payment in case of default? Anyone with an ltv at 80% or greater. Or are you talking about mortgage life insurance? These are two very different things. You only need mortgage life insurance if you do not already have a life insurance policy that is adequate to pay off the mortgage.

What is a Assignment of benefits Insurance authorization form?

In Disability Insurance, Assignment of benefits is needed when a lender (for a mortgage or loan) requires a guarantee of repayment, by assigning a disability insurance policy benefits (total or partial) to be paid to the lender if due to an illness or accident you lost your income and can't pay back the loan.Of course, this underlines the importance of having disability insurance to pay for all your expenses in case you lose your income due to any health reasons.

Is a balloon mortgage the same as a mortgage?

No. A balloon mortgage is a relatively short term mortgage with a huge payment due at the end of the term. A mortgage is generally for a longer term with uniform payments for the life of the mortgage unless it is an adjustable rate mortgage. In that case the interest rate increases after the first couple of years and the payments go up.

Which type of insurance is sometimes used to guarantee the payment of a mortgage in case the insured dies?

decreasing term insurance...

What happens to a reverse mortgage in bankruptcy?

A reverse mortgage is typically unaffected by bankruptcy. Only in a case where you want to surrender the home would the bankruptcy court be involved on any mortgage product other than to dictate terms of repayment of defaulted payments. with a reverse mortgage there are no payments so that would not be an issue.

What is a statement about disability insurance?

Disability insurance will replace your income loss by paying a monthly benefit in case you are too sick or hurt to be able to work at full capacity or totally disabled.

Waiver of premium?

Waiver of premium on a life insurance policy or disability insurance policy means that in case of a disability, the insurance company will waive the premiums and keep the policy in force. This is a layer of added protection in case you can't afford to pay the policy due to loss of income in case of an illness or accident. All disability insurance policies include the waiver of premium at no cost, keeping the policy in force while you are disabled and receiving disability benefits. Life insurance policies have the waiver of premium as a rider which usually cost additional premium to add. Consult a life and disability specialist to help you choose the best plans available to you.

Does homeowners insurance pay your mortgage payment if you are on Workman's Compensation?

No; homeowner's insurance is property coverage. Many forms of it do provide liability coverage (to defend and indemnify you if someone is hurt on the insured premises and you are determined to have been negligent), but in no case does it make payments of debts that you owe, such as a mortgage. You would need to allocate a part of your worker's compensation payment toward the payment of the mortgage, or, if you have applicable short or long-term disability insurance, you could utilize that. Alternatively, there are specialized individual insurance policies that can be purchased andthat are designed specifically to pay your mortgage for a period of time while you are disabled. If you are already injured and being paid workers compensation benefits, however, there may be a question of whether you will be accepted for such coverage, at least with respect to the current injury/illness. Insurance is generally not available to cover an ongoing loss/injury/illness unless it was in place before the loss/injury/illness began, because insurance by its nature covers fortuitous, not known, losses. You may be best advised to contact the mortgage holder, explain the situation, and determine whether the missed payments can be added to the back end of the mortgage. While not ideal, it is far better than foreclosure.

Disability Insurance Provides a Temporary Means of Income?

Disability insurance is important insurance coverage in the event that an employee is temporarily unable to work due to a physical disability. Disability insurance provides monetary compensation to policy owners while they are recuperating. Some states automatically deduct money from employee paychecks in order to cover them with state disability insurance in case of injuries that occur at work. Supplemental disability insurance policies that provide additional funds for disabled employees are also available. Disability insurance is good coverage to own, especially when there is temporarily no income from a job, and there are no additional savings in a savings account.

What is called insurance?

Insurance refers to the reimbursement in case somebody suffers a loss. People usually make pre-payments to the insurance company.

Should you cancel a disability insurance policy if you take early retirement?

If you can afford to keep disability insurance, I would. As we get older, our bodies become fragile, and you want to be fully covered just in case.

Where do I get advice on mortgage financing?

A Mortgage Redemption Insurance or MRI is designed to pay off the homebuyerโ€™s outstanding housing loan balance in case of his or her death, or total disability. Check Lumina Homes article about "Why You Should Get An MRI"

If payments have been made to the second mortgage holder but not to the first Mortgage holder can the first mortgage holder reclaim any of those payments from the second mortgage holder?

No. However, in the case of a foreclosure sale (or any sale), the first lien holder will always be made whole (paid completely) before any sale proceeds are applied to the subordinate liens.

Do you have to have homeowners insurance?

If you own the home, with no mortgage on it, no, you do not have to have insurance. That said, it is very ill advised to not have insurance. When buying a home, insurance is generally required so that in case of any loss, the financial institution that holds the mortgage note is protected from loss should the house be damaged or destroyed.

Is there an insurance you can purchase to protect your mortgage payment in case you lose your job?

Yes, there is depending I believe that you lost your job and did not quit. Through your present mortgage lender.