Is there another Earth on opposite side of the Sun?

This has long been a popular folk legend that has influenced science fiction(The Planetoid Vesta) an essential earth like world sans violence and crime, in other words the abode of the Guy Upstairs and his Chosen. The legend fueled a science fiction film (I was the one who launched the question about the name of the craft) The concept in a religious or philosophical veink not science fiction, formed the basis of a popular song, oddly one of the Morbid-Romance type-called In the English Version- My One and Only You- the song had the lines, referring to Heavenly aftelife- When we leave tis world, to live BEHIND THE SUN... then it makes a mention of a crown of lfowers in her hair- an Italian mortuary custom that figures (not necessarily necro) in the popular songs San Francisco(better be in shock-proof helmet mount) and the song Tge Girl the Park, etc(Flower Girl) where a guy encoutners a ghost girl in a park.It is all more of a superstitious religious thing, than a sci-fi one, sucha planet would escape visual and radar detection but at night when the sun is out of range... It is an idea. Bright stuff, don't forget your UV glasses.