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There is a sensor located between exhaust manifold #1 and #3 (drivers side). This sensor controls the temp gage in a cars interior.

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My heater will blow but not hot ive replaced the thermostat?

Check into the temperature control valve--this is different than the thermostat.

How do you know if the thermostat needs replaced in tracker?

Is you Geo Tracker overheating or the temperature is running almost hot then you need to change you thermostat

Is it normal for a 2000 Chevy Blazer temp gauge to go to three quarters when driving in traffic even after the thermostat was replaced?

depends on what temperature thermostat was put in. come in different temperature ratings.AnswerIf you installed the correct OEM thermostat, and did not install it upside down, then no, this is not normal. You should flush the entire system, check the water pump for proper operation, clean the radiator external fins, check the operation of the electric cooling fan, (If Equipped), and make sure you bleed the system to remove any trapped air.

Why does the Temperature gauge goes down when heater is on in a 99 ford contour?

Thermostat probably needs to be replaced.

Why does my car surge and won't start replaced thermostat and radiator?

When the thermostat and radiator were replaced, coolant could have dripped into an electrical connector or a sensor could be disconnected or damaged. Check the temperature sensor and crankshaft sensors first.

How do you know when you have bad thermostat?

If your engine takes a much longer time for the thermostat heat guage to reach its required level of operatiing temperature then the thermostat may be stuck in the open position which means that it will need to be replaced.

2000 Ford Escort ZX2 temperature gauge gets no reading Replaced temperature sensor radiator full of coolant Any Ideas?

Be careful there is a temperature coolant switch mounted next to the thermostat housing. I thought this was the sensor and replaced it by mistake. There is another sensor.

How know if you need to change your thermostat on a 1993 Honda Accord?

If the car is overheating or if the temperature gauge is not coming up to normal operating temperature which is normally half way up the gauge then the thermostat needs replacing. As the water pump should be replaced at the same time as the cam belt every 90,000 miles, you should also replace the thermostat and coolant.If the car is overheating or if the temperature gauge is not coming up to normal operating temperature which is normally half way up the gauge then the thermostat needs replacing. As the water pump should be replaced at the same time as the cam belt every 90,000 miles, you should also replace the thermostat and coolant.

On a 2001 ford ranger the thermostat will not open?

The thermostat is done it has to be replaced.......

Management by objectives has been replaced by?


Why does your 95 jeep Cherokee stop when the temp gauge reaches half way vertical and only start again when cooled down to below the quarter mark?

You have a bad temperature sensor probably over the thermostat. It needs to be replaced. The computer thinks your car has overheated when it has not. The temperature sensor that goes to your computer is different from the one that goes to the gage on your dashboard.

92 Camry engine coolant reservoir boils thermostat and radiator caps replaced radiator replaced 8 mos ago?

You need to check coolant temperature sensor and the water pump.

What could cause the cooling fan to not work after the thermostat was replaced in a 1992 Ford Escort?

There is an engine temperature sensor that operates the cooling fan.

What could be wrong with the heater in 2000 Dodge stratus that blows cool air you already replaced the thermostat?

Low coolant? Wrong thermostat temperature range? Heater core plugged,restricted or airbound? Water pump not circulating coolant? Temperature control cable not adjusted properly?

My temp gaugebmw 318 e46 rises for no reason can anyone help already replaced the thermo sensor?

Does that mean that you replaced the thermostat AND the sensor? If not, you really need to replace the thermostat. A sticking thermostat can cause temperature swings and potentially overheat the engine. BTW, BMW engines tend to have serious problems when they overheat. Don't let it overheat or you might be buying a new engine.

1993 roadmaster overheats and then cools down?

I would guess that the thermostat is not opening at the proper temperature. Once it does open proper circulation brings it down to the correct operating temperature. I think it should be replaced.

1995 Chevy astro overheating after water pump and thermostat replaced?

brilliant, the thermostat is backwards

How do you repair the thermostat on a BMW 328i?

Can not be repaired, only replaced with the thermostat housing as one unit.

How do you unstick thermostat on 2005 Monte Carlo?

You don't. You replace a thermostat that has failed. They are meant to be replaced.

Heater blows warm but not hot on your 1998 dodge ram 1500?

If the temperature gauge is reading below normal operating temp after driving a little while it may be that your thermostat is stuck open. I replaced my thermostat and it fixed mine.

Why does a ford temp overheat when you first start it?

Most of the time it is because the thermostat has gone bad and is not opening at the proper temperature. Cure: replace thermostat. If the thermostat has been replaced, flush the radiator. Buildup of residue in the bottom of the radiato0r will cause overheating, but it is maintained over heating, not temporary.

How can you tell which component is badthermastat or relay switch for a 1992 ford escort lx?

The thermostat or the fan relay for the radiator fan. If the temperature gauge shows the engine to be hot the fan should be on. If the fan isn't on you can check it by removing the electrical connection to the temperature sensor. If the fan is all right it will come on by default when the wiring connector is removed. Usually it is the thermostat which needs to be replaced when the engine is overheating. If the top hose going to the radiator isn't hot when the temperature gauge shows the engine to be hot the thermostat is stuck shut and should be replaced.

How can you tell if thermostat on 95 ford escort bad?

If the engine is taking a long time to warm up or the gauge registers low heat the thermostat probably is stuck open and needs to be replaced. If the engine runs hot check the temperature of the upper radiator hose. If it's not hot the thermostat is stuck closed and should be replaced. If the upper hose is hot it means the thermostat is open and working. Cooling problem could be restricted radiator.

What should be done next to a 1996 Cadillac Seville on which the temperature gauge continuously rises but the radiator has been replaced?

If you haven't replaced the thermostat, now would be a good time. If that's not it, check the impellers on the water pump. The temperature gage is supposed to rise to around mid level. If you mean it is getting hot, then Replace the thermostat. Also check the operation of the cooling fan and the water pump. Another possibility is that the cooling system needs to be bled. There may be air trapped in the system. another thing we often see with this era northstar is blown head gaskets.

When should an Air conditioner be replaced?

If it is an older unit and the compressor is gone, it is better to replace the unit and your thermostat. You will see improved operation and lower electric costs. Buy a name brand and you will not be sorry.