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The isthmus of Panama.

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Q: Is there another geographical name for the narrow strip of land separating the Pacific and Atlantic oceans other than Central America?
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Which geographical formation separates the Americas?

The geographical formation that separates the Americas is Central America. Central America is the strip of landmass that separates North America and South America.

What is the geographical location of south America?

South America is a continent in the Western Hemisphere. To the north of South America is Central America, to the south is Antarctica, to the east is the Atlantic Ocean, to the west is the Pacific ocean.

What is a geographical term for Central America?


What is geographical location of the central America rain forest?

the center of America

Where is the geographical location of Costa Rica?

It is in Central America.

What are some countries in central America do not border the Atlantic and pacific?

There are no countries in Central America that do not border the Atlantic and Pacific. The countries in Central America include Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

What continent is the country Honduras located on?

Some may say it is in Central America but Central America is merely a geographical region. technically it is in North America.

Where is the lower part of north America is central?


Belize is located in which Geographical region?

Belize is located in Central America

Central America connects North America to South America. What is the geographical term for this type of landform?


Is Africa Latin America?

No. Africa is not in America, it is a separate continent on the eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean. The Americas (North, Central and South America) are on the western side of the Atlantic. Central and South America and Mexico (in North America) are known as Latin America.

Why is it called north and South America?

Central America connects north America and south America. What is the geographical term for this type of landform?

Is Central America near the Atlantic Ocean?

Yes, It's between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

What body of water is in the east of Central America?

atlantic ocean

What geographical formation separates North America and South America?

A strip of landmass which is the region of Central America separates North and South America.

What is a raccoon's geographical location?

Raccoons are found in North America from southern Canada south into Central and South America.

Where is the pamana canal?

Central America, between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans

What is the body of water that border central America and Cuba?

The Atlantic Ocean.

Which countries in central America do not touch both Atlantic and pacific?


How many oceans are in Central America?

None, but it is bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific.

What five continents touch the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean?

North America, South America, Central America, Asia

What are seven countries of Central America?

The geographical region that connects the continent of North America to the continent of South America is called Central America. Central America is comprised of seven countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

What are the names of the Central American countries that border Switzerland?

No countries in Central America border Switzerland. Switzerland is in Europe, on the other side of the Atlantic, thousands of miles from Central America.

What large body of water is encircled by Central America South America and many islands?

atlantic ocean

Did Christopher Columbus sail the Atlantic Ocean to South America or the Pacific Ocean?

In 1492, Columbus sailed the Atlantic Ocean and hit Central America. The answer to this question is no.