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yes there is even zip codes in India

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Q: Is there any ZIP code for other countries except America?
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What country code is 00172?

+1 (which may be dialled as 001 from many countries) is the country code for North America

Where in North America is area code 923?

There is no area code 923 in North America. 923 is an area/country code for several countries in the Middle East, including Pakistan and Qatar.

Where is area code 1-825?

Area code +1 825 is unassigned in North America (USA, Canada, etc.) In the UK, area code +44 1825 is Uckfield. Other countries may have an area code like 1825.

What states have area code 352 other than Florida?

Within North America, nowhere. An area code is unique to a defined area - that's the whole point. Other countries may use 352 as a code within their own numbering space.

What to dial to call area code 656?

insufficient informationThat depends on what country you're in. In many countries you dial the trunk prefix 0 before an area code, but some countries use other trunk prefixes. North America (USA, Canada, etc.) uses 1 as the trunk prefix (coincidentally the same as the country code +1), but there is no area code +1 656 in North America.

What was the importance of the Napoleonic code?

The Napoleonic Code influenced the law systems of many other countries. It is very important in the countries of Costa Rica and the countries surrounding France.

What code did the noblemen follow?

It depends which countries nobility you are referring to. In Japan it was the code of Bushido.In Britain it was the code of Chivalry. Other regions and countries had their own codes of conduct.

San Salvador zip code?

Zip Codes are a US postal code, not other countries.

Where is area code 101?

There is no telephone area code 101 in North America (USA, Canada, etc.). Telephone country code +1 is North America, but +1 01 is also invalid. Telephone area codes in North America never begin with 0 or 1. There are other countries that may have a domestic telephone area code 101 or similar, but it is impossible to know which one you're asking about.

Is 555 a real area code?

555 is not a real area code in North America (USA, Canada, etc.); it is frequently used for fictitious numbers in television and movies. However, 555 could be a real area code in some other countries.

Iban code rtgs or ifsc code are same?

IBAN is for European countries IFSC is for India and other non-european countries. IBAN = IFSC

In what countries can you find examples of the Napoleonic code?

Costa Rica , U.S. and many other European Countries.

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