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There can be some advantages to attending a university. Universities, of course, have graduate programs where colleges do not. Universities tend to be larger, offering a different campus experience (which may be a good or bad thing depending upon what you're looking for). By going to a university, though, you have chances to take graduate-level courses to get ahead if you're a bright student. If you plan to go to graduate school after college, a university may be a wise choice. You can develop a long-term relationship with a professor or professors which will help you a lot. I agree with the answer above, but there is one mistake. Come colleges do offer post-graduate programs. I am currently enrolled in broadcast journalism which is a three year advanced diploma (compressed into two years) and afterwards, I am attending a post-graduate broadcast journalism program (television). Univeristy is not better than college, but college is not better than university. It really depends on where you want to go in life. For example, in my situation, you are better off with college just because the career itself is about 95% hands-on, whereas if you wanted to become a laywer, you're better off with university (in fact, you must have a degree in order to become a lawyer where I live) since most of it is theory based.

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Q: Is there any advantage of attending a university rather than a college?
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A 'college' in Oxford is a division of the University, rather than being an institution one would attend prior to attending the University.They go hand in hand, not separately, so yes, you would have to be a member of an Oxford college (or Permanent Private Hall, which to all intents and purposes is the same as a college) to attend the University of Oxford. However, in applying to the University, you apply to a college, either of your choice or one allocated to you.

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In modern higher education the distinction and use of college as opposed to university is a semantical term, rather than one based on objective naming criteria. In simplest terms the nomenclature of college or university is the choice of its leadership. By precedence a college was either a singular school of a discipline or distinct unit/faculty of a university. Thus a university was/is/can be comprised of individual colleges. That being said a school named a college can still have individual faculties/departments demonstrating the ambiguous nature of the term.

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Does it cost less to go to an online law school than a university?

Online schools are much cheaper compared to attending an actual university. However, for becoming a lawyer, it is better to spend the money and get better education at a university. You need hands-on experience rather than reading off instructions on computer.

Where did James Chadwick go to college?

In Britain, we say University rather than college, which has a slightly different meaning here. Chadwick went to Manchester university, where he studied under Rutherford. Afterwards he spent his career largely in universities, including Cambridge and Liverpool.

What college or university degrees contains the least amount of math?

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Why did PSY stop studying in the US?

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Why did college enrollment rise during the Vietnam war?

A way of getting out of being conscripted into the Vietnam war, was if you were already studying in a University/College etc. So people were more reluctant to sign up for 'college', rather than be forced to join the armed forces.

What is the advantage of using one 1 GB module instead of rather than two 512MB modules?

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Do not ask if a man has been through college ask if a college has been through himif he is a walking university what does this quote mean?

The quote by Edwin Hubbell Chapin is meant to illustrate how someone can thoroughly get a college education, rather than just superficially. A man who has been through college did not necessarily retain what he learned, but one who had college go through him really internalized that knowledge. He becomes a walking university because he can teach and talk about all that he learned while in school.

How many years of college to become a podiatrist?

On average it takes 3 years . In scotland 4 years if doing honnors. Usually studied at University rather than collage.

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Pros and Cons of Jr Colleges?

If you are thinking about attending a Jr college, then you might have wondered about the pros and cons of this type of school. Many people are unaware of the most basic information about these schools. Many people will say that Jr colleges are the best schools out there, and anyone who is thinking about earning a college degree should go to Jr colleges first. Other people will say that Jr colleges are a waste of time, and a student who is serious about his education should immediately enroll in a four year university. Which of these attitudes is correct? Let's take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of a Jr college compared to a more traditional university setting so that you can make the best choice for your education. The first consideration you will probably make is the price. There is no doubt that this is one of the strongest selling points of attending Jr colleges. The price to attend a traditional university can be several times the cost to attend a Jr college. If you have a trust fund from your parents, then this might not be as much of a concern for you. However, most people are not so lucky to be in that position. They have to pay for school themselves, so the lower price is a tremendous advantage that can open up the benefits of a college education to many more people. Another factor to consider is the quality of your professors. You will experience a mixed bag in this area. Some of your professors will be PhD holders who couldn't get or hold a job at the university level. Obviously, most PhDs would rather work and teach at a university rather than at a Jr college. On the other hand, you can sometimes get great teachers from the private sector who come in to teach a course or two per semester. These are people who have achieved success in other areas of their lives besides merely academia, and they can be great role models for you. Perhaps the most important consideration to make when thinking about whether or not you should attend a Jr college is the quality of the students. As you are learning your subject, you will undoubtedly want to discuss all the exciting things you are learning with your peers. The university will probably be filled with a higher caliber of student.

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