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Basal body temperature (BBT) charting is a good way to get to know your body's menstrual cycle ups & downs. Remember however, that BBT charting is only accurate if you have had at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep and you took your temperature immediately after you awake and before you get up out of bed and you use a BBT thermometer. With that being said, let's briefly discuss what the BBT charting will show you. A normal, healthy woman should see a biphasic BBT chart. That means you should have a chart at the end of the month that shows two distinct temperature groupings with one being higher than the other. This biphasic appearance means that the phases of your menstrual cycle are happening fairly normally and that for the most part, all your hormones are functioning normally. The first part of your BBT chart should have temperatures that are slightly lower than the 2nd half of your chart. The lower temp's are due to the estrogen heavy 1st half of your cycle; the higher temp's are due to the progesterone heavy 2nd half of your cycle. Ovulation will occur as a slight increase in temp over 24 hours (up to 0.5 degrees) about midway through your cycle. Once you have ovulated and the 2nd half of your menstrual cycle starts to kick in, you should see a rise in temperature that will remain elevated until your period starts. On the day your period starts or the day before, you may notice a drop in your BBT. This most likely means you are not pregnant. If your BBT remains elevated for approximately 18 days in a row after ovulation and you miss your period, you are most likely pregnant.

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Can endometriosis stop you from getting pregnant?

It can make it harder. That does not mean you can't, though. You can chart your ovulation, check your temperature with an ovulation thermometer BEFORE YOU GET OUT OF BED, and have sex during that time. Remember that it is very unusual that a woman truly ovulates 14 days after her period. It takes a little practice at first. If that fails, visit you gyno. Good Luck!!

He slept with his girlfriend and a couple of days later she came on her period could she still be pregnant?

Of course she can. For some women, they can have a menstrual cycle throughout their entire pregnancy. Although this is unusual, it is not impossible.

Is it possible being pregnant f your period was unusual the first month?

it is possible to be pregnant and have a period.

If you get bleeding after 32 days whether you will be pregnant?

No. A 32 day cycle is not unusual, so it does not mean you are pregnant.

Is it normal to have bleeding for one or two days during ovulation a few days after egg-whites come out?

Some women do experience bleeding during ovulation but if this is unusual for you then it may be implantation bleeding or caused by a infection.

Can you get pregnancy on Intrauterine device?

It is unusual but yes a woman can get pregnant using these.

Can you be pregnant with an IUD and still have your period?

Pregnancy with the IUD is unlikely, as is a period when pregnant. Taken together, it is very unusual to be pregnant with an IUD and still have your period.

Is it common to not have morning sickness when you are pregnant?

It is not unusual. Approximately 25% of pregnant women never experience any morning sickness.

How old dose a rabbit have to be to get pregnant?

Rabbits have to be approximately 4 months old to be able to get pregnant. It is extremely unusual and unhealthy if they get pregnant before that. They can continue to get pregnant through out the rest of their lives.

What two things were unusual about Shakespeare's wedding?

Maybe not unusual: 1 His wife was eight years older 2 She was three months pregnant.

Can a 11 year old get pregnant?

It would be unusual, but in some cases it is possible.

What is the pest analysis of BMW?

BMW headquarters are constantly maintained. It is very unusual to find any infestations of pests at BMW headquarters.

Can you get pregnant if husband had vasectomy?

Vasectomy's have gone wrong on the odd occasion but it is very unusual

Is it possible to be pregnant and still menstruating?

Yes, although it's unusual, this happens and is not uncommon.

A girl can get pregnant before she has her FIRST periods?

if your question is "can a girl get pregnant before her first period", then, unless in a very unusual case, no, they cannot.

Could you be pregnant if you started taking the pill 1 and a half weeks ago but missed three pills and then stopped them because you wanted to get pregnant and youve had unusual bleeding?

Hello. You will experience unusual bleeding when you miss pills. This is normal because the hormones are decreasing and causing a period. But yes you could also be pregnant.

Can you still be pregnant even if you got a regular period but still have some pregnancy symptoms?

It is possible to still be pregnant if your last period was unusual. Do a test.

Can a girl get pregnant without a menstrual cycle at the age of 11?

It is unlikely but possible. The 11-year-old girl would have to be sexually active before her first period (which would be unusual and almost certainly illegal). Pregnancy could then result from the first ovulation, which occurs immediately prior to the first menstrual cycle.

Can you be pregnant and get a menstrual cycle?

You wouldn't get a normal menstrual cycle but light or unusual bleeding does occur.

Is no menstruation at eighteen normal?

It would be unusual for a girl who was not pregnant, and is certainly something to discuss with your doctor.

What are the signs of pre diabetes?

Some signs of diabetes can be unusual amounts of thirst and hunger throughout the day. You can also have unusual bowel movements, and perhaps headaches, migraines, and blurry vision.

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