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Is there any concern with fuel pressure when changing the filter on a 1996 Mazda B3000 pickup?

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2009-09-27 06:15:15
2009-09-27 06:15:15

Yes! Allways use caution when working with fuel! If the car is "hot" there may be pressure. Also the system may be gravity feed and gasoline may flow out, and if you just turned on the ignition, it will have full pressure in the line. It will allways have some fuel pressure.

Before changing the fuel filter locate the fuse or relay for the fuel pump and disconnect it, then start the truck until it dies. This will minimize pressure in the line.

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The fuel filter and the fuel filter pressure regulator are the same part on the 1988 Dodge Ram 50 Pickup. This part is located in front of the gas tank next to the fuel pump.

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on the right side of the block either beside or below the oil filter.

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It will be about 4.7 liters in a v8. This will be with changing the oil filter and if there is no oil already in the vehicle.

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