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Yes, Texas and many, many other states and countries allow a 17 year-old to consent to sex regardless of their partners age ( so I'm sure that marriage (a sacred and honorable union before God) is allowable. This is something you would really want to sit down and discuss with both sets of parents. I'm sure that if everyone is for the marriage then age would not be an obstacle. My advice, wait! Everyone thinks they're in love when they're young, it hardly ever lasts. Look at the divorce statistics. And considering that you want to marry young, you are pretty much guaranteed to end in divorce and financial and spiritual ruin. You have one chance to make the right choice. The male brain isn't fully formed and primed for best judgment until age 30 (human development). Wait until you know yourself better and what you need to be happy in a long-term relationship, then marry a young filipina, their culture makes them wonderful wives and mothers from what I hear and read. Good luck!

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Q: Is there any country in the world or state in the US where a 17-year-old can marry a 21-year-old?
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What right do gay people have to marry?

If they live in a state or country where same-sex marriage is legal, then they have the legal right to marry the person of their choice. If they live in a state or country where it is not legal, then they are denied that right.

What state can a 15 year old girl marry an 18 year guy?

no state in the us try going out of the country

Can you marry your aunt's grandson if you are not intermediate family?

Your aunt's grandson is your first cousin, once removed. Whether or not you can legally marry him depends on the laws of your country, province, or state.

How young can you marry?

this changes from country to country and from one state within the U.S. to another; and it also may differ based on whether you have parental consent.

If your aunt is managing conservator can she give you permission to marry at 16?

It depends on the laws of your state or country what is allowed for marriage.

Im from the UK and an illegal immigrant and want to marry us citizen but have no photo ID what state can i marry and can i use my passport with my I94 as ID?

You may marry i have done it with only my passport go to your country counsult to get an undated passport.

Is a state in a country or is a country in a state?

A state is in a country but a country can also be a state.

Can marry your first cousin from your mother side?

That will depend on the laws in your state or country. It is allowed in many places and illegal in others.

Do you need to be remarried in your home state if you marry outside of your country?

no you just need some evidence that your married in a legal place

Is it legal to marry at 17 if there is one parental consent?

Depends on the laws where you live. Each state and country have their own laws.

Can a notary public marry someone in the state of Pennsylvania?

can a notary public marry people in the state of Pennsylvania

Is there any US state where you can marry your sister or brother?

No. You cannot marry a sibling in any state in the US.

State of Maine can a notary marry a family member?

Can a notary marry a family member in the state of maine

Can a 17yr old male Mary a 19 yr old female?

It depends in which state or country. In some, they would be able to marry if he had parental consent. In others, they would not be able to marry until he was 18.

What state can a citizen marry an illegal alien?

You can marry a person who is here illegally anytime in every state. At this time there are no laws forbidding one to marry someone like that.

Can I marry a 21 year old man if I am 16?

It would depend on the state or country where you obtain a marriage license and if your parents approve.

I understand that one can collect benefits if moving out of state what if one moves out of the country to marry The EDD site answers the intra-state move-not as to moving out of the country?

If you move out of the country then your benefits are terminated due to you being in another country and if you are going to get married over there then when you come back you will have to get a marriage license over here as well because this country will not recognize your marriage.

Do you marry at 18yrs?

You can. You can go to a different state and marry then... or your parents could agree to it

Is it legal to marry second cousin?

In every state it is legal to marry your second cousin. In 1/2 of the states it is legal to marry your first cousin. Check the applicable law in your state.

Who can marry people in the state of Georgia?

Can anyone marry people in the state of Georgia for one day if the couple obtain a marriage licence?

If you marry in one state can you divorce in another state?


Can illegal aliens marry each other?

If both of the pair were non-citizens, they obviously would be unable to get a marriage license from any state in this country.

What state can you marry your cousin?


Can you marry your horse if you live in Utah?

No, you cannot marry a horse, no matter what state you live in.

Can you marry your second cousin in pennsylvania?

You can marry your second cousin in Pennsylvania. However, you cannot marry your first cousin in the state of Pennsylvania.