Is there any deity worship in your religion?

It depends entirely on what "your religion" is, although most have some form of deity worship.

If you are an adherent of one of the three God religions (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity) the same God is worshiped, so of course, God is worshiped. God is called in Arabic and/or Islam as Allah.

There are other monotheistic faiths in addition to the "Big Three", such as Sikhism, Druze, Baha'i, Sabianism, Atenism (now extinct), Deism, several African faiths (such as those of the Himba and Igbo), and Tengriism.

There are also numerous henotheistic religions where one god is worshiped as superior to others and polytheistic religions where several deities are worshiped. Such religions include Hinduism, Buddhism, Shenism, Zorastrianism, most forms of Animism, most ancient mythologies, etc.

Probably the only religions that do not have deity worship are certain varieties of Shenism that only engage in ancestor-worship or versions of animistic faith that do not anthropomorphize their subjects.