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Dear Readers: I have had extra weight in my hips for some time now , and have recently found a way to help get rid of it it's Tae BO. You will still have to eat at least a little better of course! I know it may sound wierd but the swinging motion you make really works, it also raises your pulse so it's like doing two in one it's awsome Learn about and Watch your caloric intake, Exercise!!! After 20 minutes of aerobic activity, you will start to shrink fat cells. This should be done daily. Drink plenty of water as well.

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Q: Is there any exercise to get rid of excess hip fat?
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Do fat girls dance hip hop?

Yes, anyone of any variety can dance hip hop as long as they exercise often and are willing to have fun.

What type of exercise is hip hop?

you get a major exercise when you do hip hop. i think any one can say that its a work out.

How do you reduce hip fat?

The only surefire way to reduce hip fat is through liposuction or a circumferential abdominoplasty. Diet and exercise can help you lose weight, but fat loss will occur throughout the body and not just the hip. It's therefore best to concentrate on your body as a whole instead of just one area.

What is the best way to loose hip fat?

Short of liposuction, there's no way to target weight/fat loss. You have to eat less/healthier, exercise more and lose some fat all over.

Does dancing help to lose hip fat?

You can't truly target where you lose fat. But, dancing is good excersise anyways!

How can you lose your hip size?


What exercises help relieve hip pain?

Exercise is really the best way to relieve pain in ANY part of your body in my opinion (as well as doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, etc) This site i have provided for you has many variations of hip exercises and hip flexer activities.

What are some causes of hip joint pain?

The cause of hip joint pain is typically excess movement by pounding of the leg on to hard pavement such as cement. Typically, hip joint pain is caused by a lack of stretching or excess strain.

What is a flexibility exercise?

Single hip rotation---A+

How do you roof a hip roof?

u lay your shingels level to the hip and cut the excess diagonal off then cover the hip after each side is roofed with a "cap"

Why do i get a pain on my hip when I'm pregnant?

Your fat

How do you lose fat in the hip area?

just do cardio you cannot spot-reduce fat

Where can I find out more about hip and thigh diet?

Before starting any diet, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor. The hip and thigh diet, started by Rosemary Conely, focuses on a low-fat meal plan as well as as exercise regimen a few times a week. This website includes the detailed diet plan.

Is hip hop dancing a good form of exercise?

Good ExerciseYes, it is a very good work out.

What can be the cause of pain in your calf muscles and hip muscles?


What is the average peak flow for a 17 year old woman 5ft 4?

You are not hip ah, if it is a little fat girl shows pull, I feel fat and this is related to the hip chain.

By shortening the rectus femoria what exercise will it perform?

knee extension and hip flexion

What does the outer hip Push- Away exercise stretch?

fore arms

How do you exercise a dog with hip issues?

Throw a ball or have a puppy play date.

What muscles are used when using an exercise bike?

Using an exercise bike works your glutes and hip flexors, plus leg muscles.

Should I jog after experiencing hip pain during my pregnancy?

I would consult your physician before undertaking any exercise program. If you are still experiencing hip pain after your pregnancy, then I would wait and see if the pain subsides. A hip injury may be the cause of something else and should be checked by a physician.

How do you lose hip fat?

Do at least twenty sit ups a day.

About how many forums are on the Hip Forums website?

Hip Forums is a site that is a site where people can gather to talk about all sorts of various topics. If you're considering joining Hip Forums you will have in excess of 100 forums to choose to participate in.

How can you lose hip fat fast?

It is impossible to target the hips as the only place to lose weight, any weight loss tends to be from all over the body at any one time. Burning fat can be achieved by exercising daily and watching your daily calorie intake.

Is abdominal fat considered a greater threat to your health than hip and thigh fat?

More easily enters the bloodstream