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Yes, I'm constructing a corpus management su=ystem

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โˆ™ 2007-12-13 18:02:41
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Q: Is there any existing corpus management system?
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What is the existing system?

as for as concerned to project its defined as the system which presently we are using and the proposed system is the new techniques implemented to the existing project if any mistake was happened.

Who are the typical stakeholders in an information system?

stakholder is any person who has on interest in an existing or porposed information system

Is there any written articles about Database management system?


What is the first priority of any incident management system?


An effective communication and information management system requires?

An effective communication and information management system requires proper training of those that will implement the system. Training is key for any system to be effective.

What are all the good topics for mini project using visual basic?

There are lots of topics from where you can select ur mini project which includesSALES MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSTOCK MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPAYROLL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMLIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSTUDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMHOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM& many moreif u need any help . just gimme ur dfd & erd& i ll try to help u..Imran9864088431

What are the five basic operations performed by any computer system?

Process ManagementMemory ManagementInput/Output ManagementFile ManagementInterface (Menus Pointers ect)

What are some project topics for a computer science student?

There are tons of topics for computer science students the ones which are trendy and easy are : 1.Library management sysytem 2.Hospital management system 3.Hotel management system 4.School management system 5.Football players information ( or any other sport ) 6.Grocery stores management system

How can you create an ER diagram for hotel management system?

An ER diagram is used for any Hotel Management system is very easy b/c first of all we have to make an chart that which things are required in any hotel ?

What is the difference between data base and Database management system?

database is a collection of related data in any size and in any complexity whereas database management system is software for defining, constructing and manipulating databases for various reasons.

Is there any exhisting system like ranking of spatial data by quality preference?

YES ranking spatial data is one type of existing system

What's the meaning of property management system?

Well, property management system is a relation between buyer and seller. Where both buyer & seller can apply the system while finding any real estate property. Property management system helps to find beneficial details according to buyers and sellers need.

A question that is asked of Access or any other database management system is called a?


Define existing system?

"Existing system" can be used in documents to describe any entity or procedure that was in place before the document was created, such as with legal contracts, leases, etc. It can include hardware, software, development tools, applications and protocols, and more.

How would you write about Japanese management?

japanes management is the full fill in management nothing system it's considered to do any requirement to possibilities to over head the likely interred .

What is campus management system?

Campus Management System is a software to manage educational institutions. There are many campus management softwares are availble in the market. But in my experience the Integralce is the best one. We using this product for over two years without any problem.

You want to draw dfd for content management system and any ready dfd their for cms?


Is there any language other than SQL where DML is used?

integrated database management system

What is the JDA Merchandise Management System?

It is used to maintain product details in any retail business.

The National Incident Management System provides?

The National Incident Management System manages incidents involving any and all threats and hazards. Their main purpose is the reduces loss of life, property and environmental harm.

What does security management enable you to do?

Security management enables you to enjoy protection in your system. You will be notified of any potential threats and firewalls are set up for your system's protection.

What is the first element of a health and safety management system?

Management commitment. If Senior Mgt does not support the program, it will fail despite any other action taken.

How many times do you take DIACAP?

A DIACAP review has to be executed for every new system, for every major change to an existing system, and at least every 3 years for any currently accredited system.

What are the major misconceptions regarding management information system?

According to Malik and Gupta (2005), the concept of management information systems is not clearly understood by many developers(viz. programmers and systems analysts) as well as end users, namely, managers, of these very systems. There are many misconceptions about a management information system. These are the following:Any computer-based information system is an MIS.Any reposting system is an MIS.MIS is a philosophy and not any specific entity.MIS is a management techniqueMIS is a bunch of technologies.MIS is an implementation of organizational systems and procedures. MIS is a course on file structures.

Web 2.0 Style Software Testing Management System- any suggestions?

Try Zephyr .