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Yes. The Mississippi River is the border to the MidWest and the Corn Belt. The Mississippi provides most of the transportation for grains to the Gulf.

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Q: Is there any farming by the Mississippi?
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How is the Mississippi river important for farming and trade?


What types of jobs do people in Mississippi have?

Mining, farming and fishing

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What are the main sources of income in Mississippi?

There are a number of major industries in Mississippi. These include farming, fishing for shrimp, mining, casinos, as well as manufacturing.

What regions are best for farming and ranching?

The plains west of the Mississippi are best for farming and ranching. This area is relatively flat and productive, provided there is sufficient water .

Many people in this region depend on the Mississippi River for farming transpotation and trade?

yes they do

How do people and businesses depend on the Mississippi River and how significant is it as a commercial waterway?

Many people in this region depend on the Mississippi river for farming transportation and trade.

Does Mississippi have any deserts?

No, Mississippi has no deserts.

Are there any special features on the Mississippi river?

is there any special featurs on the mississippi river

How do people in Mississippi make money?

People in Mississippi work in the following industries: agriculture and farming, forestry, technology, shipbuilding, furniture building, Nissan autos, and restaurants.

What do you mean by non farming activities?

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Which two rivers in the central plains provided fertile areas for farming?

Columbia river and Mississippi river

What is the state agricutural of Mississippi?

Farming Soy Beans, Cotton, and Corn. Logging is integral to the state's economy.

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