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Is there any form of birth control that has no side effects?


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2006-02-20 09:55:49
2006-02-20 09:55:49

Abstinence Periodic planning... which is measuring your Basal Body Temperature to find out when you're ovulating and to avoid sex during that time frame. It's the method that women use to get pregnant, but can also be used in reverse to prevent pregnancy. Takes a lot of devotion and self-control. When doing this, still always use a condom. Condoms, cap (unless you are allergic) and 'natural' family planning. See the web link.


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Abstinence is the birth control with the fewest side effects. After that, probably condoms. When it comes to brands of hormonal birth control, the side effects differ from person to person. There's no one brand that is best for everyone.

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Diaphragms or condoms are of course the safest means of birth control. And you can be sure that they will have no negative side effects for your baby.

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Different forms of birth control can have different side effects. Birth control pills can cause cramping,and possible blod clots.

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Condoms are the kind of birth control with highest reliability and the least side effects.

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Like any other medication, the birth control pill has side effects to be aware of. Some common side effects are headache, breakthrough bleeding, mood swings and decreased libido.

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