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Q: Is there any found similarities to the Jewish festival sukkot?
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Where can all Jewish law be found?

Jewish law, which is called 'halacha', is found in the Talmud.

Festival of Jewish theater and ideas schedulespecifics?

All the schedule specifics are listed on the Untitled Theater Company #61 website. The calendar can be found at

What is the similarities of cow and goat?

The similarities of cows and goats are great. Both of these animals can be found on a farm for example.

Is Leah a Muslim name?

Leah is Jewish in origin, it can be found in the Jewish Bible.

Where are Jewish communities found in Europe?

There are Jewish communities in every European country.

Who found the french festival Francophonie?

phillip philop.

What similarities can be found in cultures around the world?

many similarities it all depends in what countries if all there has been war in all countries

Compare ATP to an object found in your household what are the similarities and differences?

a lightbulb

Where does one find information about Jewish jobs?

One can find information about Jewish jobs on a number of job seeking websites. Information can be found on 'National Jewish', 'Barnes-Jewish' and 'Jewish Living'.

Who found christanity?

St Paul. Jesus was Jewish

Was Megellah Roman Catholic?

No, it is found in the Jewish Talmud.

What Jewish leader found the ten commandments?


What prophet in Jewish scripture Tanekh talks about the Messianic age and where can it be found?

It can be found in Isaih .

Where can one find information about the Bamboozle festival?

Information on the Bamboozle Festival can be found at the official Bamboozle Festival webpage. The site enables people to purchase tickets and to see the line up for the festival.

What are the similarities of lungs and gills?

One of the similarities of lungs and gills is that both are used for breathing in and out. Only that gills are found in fishes and young amphibians and lungs are found in birds, mammals, reptiles and adult amphibians.

Which organism share the most similarities are found in which level?

Organisms in the same class

What are the structural similarities found in lymph nodes spleen and tonsils?


What are similarities between canyons and plateaus?

The main thing is that minerals can be found in both

How how did the Germans treat those whohad some Jewish blood but were not classified as Jews?

If someone was found to have some Jewish blood they were classified as Jewish and treated as such.

Is Jack Mandelbaum Jewish?

yes he is Jewish but never found out until he went to the camps That's not true. Jack always knew he was Jewish. (I am his stepdaughter.)

Where do the Jewish food laws come from?

The core rules that Jewish dietary laws are based on are found in the Torah. The actual dietary laws, called 'kashrut', are found in the Talmud.

What shape tombstone is commonly found on a Jewish grave?

The most common shapes of Jewish tombstones are square or rectangle.

What is the meaning of Nissan of Jewish calendar?

Your answer can be found here: nisan

Where is the oldest written history of the Jewish people found?

In the Torah.

Is Eve part of Jewish mythology?

Polite tradition is not to refer to stories found in the Bible as mythology. The story of Eve is found in the Book of Genesis and is part of Jewish religious tradition.