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Is there any genes responsible for aids?

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2007-05-11 06:09:03

No, genes are not responsible for AIDS. the retro virus HIV or

human immuno deficiency virus has a pair of 'RNA' (ribose nuclic

acid) strands which, when the virus get attached to the 'T helper

cells' (the first line of defence), enter in the cell, and get

attached to the DNA of the cell & make the DNA function

according to the will of the Virus, contradicting to the cells own

function. the cell then insted of making its own copies, starts

making the copies of the Virus. That is, it starts RNA replication

insted of DNA replication. Even though human Genes contain DNA, it

is not responsible for AIDS & the RNA which is the 'gene' of

the Virus is responsible for it.

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