Is there any herb or drug available to proven safely get rid of or cure periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is incurable...but controllable through some medications. I am not aware of any herbal substitutes. Short answer: NO the reason being that periodontal disease is incurable (except in the very earliest stages). there are some products and modalities that can help and possibly stop or slow down the progression of the disease. I am not aware of any herbal or over the counter products that are effective (except tooth brush and floss). however, there are a couple of prescription strength rinses that seem to help. Be Aware though: Any dental rinse that really does anything beneficial to your gums tends to stain your teeth. Examples of these rinses would be Chlorhexidne Gluconate 0.12% (Peridex) and Stannous Fluoride Rinse (PerioMed).