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Is there any hope of being healed if you're suffering as a narcissist NPD and are desperate to be healed?

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September 13, 2011 6:00AM

You can be healed over time, like all pain and loss.Dont have contact with the N - seek counselling and let yourself know, it simply isn't your fault.I have a Ex N and for a long time I thought Id never heal. I share a child with him. I reserved the game on him, I ignored him and I did not show him my pain. Him thinking I was ok, KILLED HIM. I know the feeling of wanting to be healed but it isn't something that wiljust happen. Yopu need to put work into it,worry about yourself and remember that your better than he is. Your heart will heal, trust me!I spent 6 years with mine, telling myself it was all me, never him. He was right - I was wrong. I couldn't live without him... Blah blah blahMy world rocks without him, Im myself again, Im happy and most of all with time I moved on, as will you dear!I wish you well