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Guinea pigs are not filthy, but they do have bacteria just like most everything. I've had many creatures and been bitten many times. Wash it thourouly and put disinfectant on it and wrap it. That will take away the chances of something else getting into it. If it really looks bad and is getting a lot worse than it isgetting better go to the doctor.

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Q: Is there any infection if a guinea pig bites you through the skin and it starts to bleed?
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What was the process of infection for the black death?

a rat bites into its host and the infection starts to spread

What does it mean if you guinea pig bites at you?

If your guinea pig bites at you it is probably upset or hungry.

Is strep throat transmitted primarily through animal bites?

No. It spreads primarily by droplet infection.

Do ants cause infection?

Ant bites have the possibility of causing infections especially when picked at. If one starts to look different see a doctor.

What is at risk from cat bites?

Persons with impaired immunocompetence--for example, individuals with HIV infection--are especially vulnerable to infection from cat bites

What does it mean when a guinea pig bites you?

Guinea pig bites are very rare. If your guinea pig bites you, it may be because you are holding him/her in a uncomfortable position. If you are holding hin comfortably, check over his body and make sure he hasn 't got any bites/scratches that may be irritating him. A guinea pig may also bite/nibble if it is hungry and you have a food scent on your hands.

Is there a connection between cat bites and fungal infection on human toes?

Cat bites would more likely cause a bacterial infection rather than a fungal infection.

What happens when a guinea pig bites it lip?

it will squeek

Does guinea pigs bites heart?

most guinea pigs will not bite but if they do it may break the skin.

How does the mosquito spread malaria?

When the female anopheles mosquito bites the patient of malaria, it gets infected with the parasite. Then it transmits the infection to next persons, it bites, through out the life span of about six months.

Why do you have spots when you have the black death?

Because the infection starts to attack our nerves inside our body and then when it bites us inside the blood freezes there and looks like spots.

Your guinea pig bites a lot why?

guinea pigs will do what they want, until they are trained otherwise. If it bites you say, "bad pig", but not too loud (you don't want to hurt their ears).

What happens if your guinea pig bites your hand?

Nothing. A guinea pig isn't poisonous. I know, I have one.

Guinea pig bites?

guinea pigs bite them self because they are itchy SO GIVE THEM A BATH

What will happen when a dog bites guinea pig and the guinea pigs still alive?

If the guinea pig is not bleeding its okey but if it is then see your vet asap.

What happens if a wild Hamster Bites you?

you get an infection and you will die.

What animals are the source of infection?

There are a number of animals that are the source of infection. Snakes which offer poisonous bites for example cause infection.

Should you worry if your guinea pig bites and breaks skin?

no ive never known guinea pigs bite

How do you deal with a bad guinea pig?

By bad guinea pig do you mean it bites? A guinea pig will only bite if it feels threatened, scared or hurt.

Something that bites that starts with m?

· Mosquito

Something that bites that starts with a l?


Something that bites starts with letter A?


Are rabbit bites dangerous?

Rabbit bites certainly have the potential to be very dangerous. This is the case if the animal is sick or you get an infection in the bite.

Do chigger bites spread?

Chigger bites do not spread. The infection or irritation may spread if scratched but the bite itself does not spread.

What causes cat bites to be poisonous?

Cat bites are not poisonous. Any animal bite, if left untreated, can cause infection.