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Yes. Whose birthday comes first in the year is the primary insurance policy.

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Can you consider your retirement insurance primary because you've held it longer and it has better coverage or must your current employer's insurance be primary?

In New York, the insurance that you have held the longest is considered primary. This may vary from state to state, however, I believe it is the general rule.

Who can buy car insurance?

In the United States, anyone who is able to get a driver's license can get car insurance. The driver's license holder must be have insurance in their own name, or they can be added to a primary driver's insurance.

Can you take out life insurance on your parent?

Yes you can purchase life insurance on your parent. In order to buy life insurance on another person there must exist an Insurable Interest in that person. There does exist an insurable interest between siblings, spouses, and parents and children.

Do spouses have to sign deeds in nc?

Any owner of real property must sign a deed in order to transfer title to a new owner. If both spouses own it then both spouses must convey it.

Can the secondary insurance provider deny a claim that was not filed with the primary insurance provider first?

Let me tell you what happend to me. I hope that this helps. I used to be covered by two insurance companies. My primary insurance company was through the company that I worked with. My secondary was with the company that my husband works with. When a claim was filed with my secondary insurance company they wanted to know how much my primary insurance company paid for and until then they would not pay anything. So I had to submit to my primary insurance company and once they paid some then the secondary would. I hope that this helped:) * Yes. A claim must always be made with the primary insurer first.

If both spouses have health insurance which one is primary and which is secondary?

It depends. If there are just the two of you, you are 'primary' on your own policy, and your spouse is primary on his/her own policy. By default you would be 'secondary' on your spouse's policy. If the two of you have kids, you can elect either of the parents' insurance carriers to be primary, but you must do this officially, by filing the proper records with the carrier who you want to be primary. Typically, you need to decide which policy will be primary for the kids each year, as you will need to add the kids to one of your policies. You make this choice by reviewing both policies' coverages, copays and costs. The other policy, by default, then becomes secondary. If you just had a child, you should call your human resources department and/or health insurance company to work out the details and get the child properly insured.

Do same-sex married couples get insurance?

If you mean can they buy insurance jointly or insure each other, then the answer is "yes" in states where same-sex marriage is legal. If you mean to ask if an employer will give health, dental, optical insurance benefits to the same-sex spouse, then the answer is this: In states where same-sex marriage is legal, if an employer gives any benefit to the spouses of its workers, then it cannot legally deny that benefit to the spouse of one of its workers merely because his marriage is a same-sex marriage. So the answer is yes. If they extend insurance coverage to spouses, then they must do so to ALL spouses.

What is primary and secondary dental insurance?

If a husband and wife both have dental insurance through their employers, the employee's insurance is primary when the employee is the patient, and it must pay it's benefits. The spouse's insurance is secondary, and will only pay once the primary insurance has paid. Depending on how the policy is written, sometimes the secondary insurance will pay any residual fees up to the annual maximum. Sometimes the secondary insurance only pays if their fee schedule allows higher fees than the primary insurance. This assumes that each spouse is named as a dependent on each other's policy. Ask the insurance coordinator at your dental office to what benefits are available between the two policies.

What is pos health insurance?

POS health insurance is like a mix between a PPO plan and an HMO. A POS insurance plan has a network of providers which you must use, all centered around your chosen primary care physician.

Do you have to have insurance to have a drivers license?

To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance. To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance. To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance. To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance. To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance. To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance. To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance.

What does the Bible says about reconciliation with your spouse?

the bible says we must reconcile with our spouses.

Have all tables primary key?

No, all tables do not have primary key. Primary must be explicitly defined and must not be null.

Can a man claim his live in girlfriend on his insurance if he's still legally married to someone else?

The man must discuss that issue with his insurance company.The man must discuss that issue with his insurance company.The man must discuss that issue with his insurance company.The man must discuss that issue with his insurance company.

Can you take out a Life insurance policy on a parent?

Yes, you can take out a life insurance policy on a parent. There must exist insurable interest between the owner and insured of a life insurance policy. There does exist insurable interest between spouses, parents and children, and siblings. So, yes, you can buy life insurance on your parent. Your parent may need to sign the application, answer some health questions, or take a medical exam to qualify for life insurance.

How does an HMO health insuance plan work?

"An HMO health insurance plan requires you to choose a primary care provider from doctors within your network. You will see this doctor for typical health issues. If you need to see a specialist of any kind, you must receive a referral from your primary care doctor to be covered by insurance."

How do you find best doctor to treat tapeworm human?

You must visit your primary care physician before seeing any other doctor for your tapeworm. Then, if it is beyond your primary doctor's ability to care for it, they will refer you to a doctor that accepts your insurance.

What are the disadvantages to a POS Health Insurance policy?

The disadvantages are limited choices since you are required to choose a primary care physician. The primary physician must then make referral outside the network and getting the referral for specialists may be difficult.

Can you get insurance if your not the homeowner?

Yes, It is possible to purchase insurance on behalf of the owner. The Homeowners insurance policy must be in compliance with local law. The legal owner must be the beneficiary and must be listed as the loss payee for the insurance contract to be valid.

Motorcyclists must have motorcycle insurance before driving.?

Motorcyclists must have motorcycle insurance before driving.

Can you designate which of your insurance is secondary and which is primary?

Secondary medical insurance is a second level of insurance coverage. Under most circumstances, the two policies are independent of each other. One policy may pay for a service while the other may not. The primary policy must pay first, then the secondary. The choice of which policy is primary or secondary is established by a shared rule between insurance companies. It is not the policy holder's choice.Examples of Primary/Secondary coverage: A husband and wife both work and carry the medical insurance offered by their respective employers. The husband adds his wife to his policy. The wife adds her husband to her policy. Under most circumstances, the husband's plan would be his primary policy and his wife's plan would be his secondary policy. In like manner, the wife's plan would be her primary policy and her husband's plan would be her secondary policy.

Additonal insured primary noncontributory wording?

This term is commonly used in contract insurance requirements to stipulate the order in which multiple policies triggered by the same loss are to respond. For example, a contractor may be required to provide liability insurance that is primary and non-contributory. This means that the contractor's policy must pay before other applicable policies (primary) and without seeking contribution from other policies that also claim to be primary (non-contributory).

In Tennessee can you list your home for sale without your wife's consent?

If both spouses own a home, then any real estate agent who is doing his or her job will not list a home without both spouses signing the listing agreement. Likewise, if both spouses own a home, then both spouses must sign a contract to sell the house.

What are the resources of an insurance company?

In the United States, insurance companies are regulated by the states in which they operate. Among the most critical parts of that regulation is solvency, meaning that the insurance company has sufficient assets to pay expected claims. When an insurance company wants to conduct business in a state, it must demonstrate that it has assets sufficient to meet the requirements of the state's insurance law. That can include cash, bonds, and various other assets that can be liquidated into cash. The insurance company must also have "reinsurance" which is insurance for the insurer. It serves the purpose of providing back-up protection for the primary insurer in the event of a single large claim, or an aggregate of smaller claims against the primary insurer (beyond the primary insurer's ability to pay). There are various configurations of reinsurance arrangements that are beyond the scope of this answer. State insurance heads also participate in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). There are working groups of the NAIC specifically concerned with assets and solvency because it is such an integral part of any insurance operation.

How does one apply for public liability insurance online?

To apply for public liability insurance online, one must decide on an insurance company that provides public liability insurance. Next, you must go to their website online and find the form to fill out. Then you must put your personal information, and decide a plan for insurance. Then you must pay for it.

For a Government insurance claims must be maintained for?

Government insurance claim forms must be maintained for six years.

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