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If you have an infection you should see a doctor or pharmacist. Usually you can clean them with saline.

2006-07-22 16:59:24
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Does crying clean your eyes?

yes,because when you cry the salty water that's in your eyes starts to mix around, therefore causing the dirt and oils to come out of your eyes

Is vinegar harmful if it gets in your eyes?

actually the vinegar is like a cleaner for dirt so it clean your eyes but if your eyes irritated a lots and it got red you should go to Dr.

Can you clean a gerbil in water?

Yes, there is not a safer way to clean it. Make sure it's eyes, mouth, and nose do not get a significant amount of water on them.

What is the best mouthwash?

i would say listerine, because if you keep it in your mouth for a while it makes your eyes water! and afterwards my mouth feels very clean!

Why do you have stuff in your eyes when you wake up?

Because all of the dirt that is in your eyes from the day before slowly travels to the side of the eye ready to be picked off so the eye is clean. Which is disgusting!

What has keeping clean got to do with your health?

washes away dirt, and germs, because if you don't wash then those germs will find a way inside your body through, cuts, mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and soon you'll end up with a cold or sickness or disease

Are the eyes medial and superficial to the mouth?

The eyes are lateral and superior to the mouth. They are neither superficial nor deep to the mouth.

Why do chickens roll around in sand or dirt?

It is is to clean themselves they flop onto there backs and close there eyes and just roll, roosters don't like to do this.

Is drawing eyes nose and mouth bad?

it is bad to draw eyes and mouth and nose

What is the Analogy for blindfold is to eyes as is to mouth?


What heals faster the eyes or mouth?

the eyes

What is an Analogy for blindfold is to eyes as is to mouth?

gag is to mouth

Why do the frogs eyes bulge into the mouth?

The frogs eyes retract into its mouth to push food down the throat.

Are eyes and mouth proximal or distal?

The eyes are superior to the mouth. Proximal and distal are not terms that apply to the face.

What does cx mean in txting?

Its a face. The mouth is c and the eyes are x. You see, the eyes are the eyes of xD and the mouth is the smile of c:. Hope this helps!

Where is spider eyes and mouth?


Does methylated spirit attack plastic?

Yes it can so be careful! I ruined a car lamp cluster trying to clean dirt out of it with meths.. the plastic then disintegrated, I couldn't believe my eyes!

How do giraffes clean their eyes?

Giraffes clean their eyes with their long tongues. Their tongues are 21 inches long, and they also use them to clean their ears.

How many eyes does an earthworm have?

Earthworms don't have eyes. They blindly crawl around in the dirt.0.An earthworm does not have eyes.

How do you clean vinegar out of your cats eyes?

To clean vinegar out of a cat's eyes use the same precautions as a human would by flushing the eyes with water.

Why do people have eyelashes?

to keep the dust and dirt out of your eyes

What is the purpose of the corneal reflex?

Protect eyes from dirt

What is wrong with dog that has eye boogers?

it has dirt in his eyes

Are the eyes superior to the mouth?


Where is the mouth of the crayfish?

under the eyes