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For the most part dry brushing is just as effective on tooth decay and periodontal disease. But using a fluoride toothpaste can help strengthen teeth. It's just one extra step in fighting cavities. It will also help keep breath fresher.


Dry toothbrushing? I would like to see some sources on that... fluoride in toothpaste is known for its bactericidal properties, not so much strengthening teeth. For it to strengthen teeth, the fluoride must be incorporated in the developing tooth. This will form the fluorapatite molecule which gives extra strength to the outermost tooth layer, the enamel. It's better that you keep using fluoridated toothpaste approved by the ADA to fight the bacteria causing tooth decay and periodontal disease!

Make sure you brush and floss DAILY, bacteria under the gum line can cause decay, lead to bone and tooth loss and gum disease. Not a bad idea to rinse with diluted peroxide if you see bleeding but make sure you get to a dentist.

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Q: Is there any research information on dry toothbrushing technique and its efficiency in fighting tooth decay and periodontal disease?
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