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Is there any scientific evidence for your belief in horoscopes?

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Well, you may find it inconceivable or at the very least a bit unlikely

that the relative position of the planets and the stars could have

a special deep significance or meaning that exclusively applies to only you,

but let me give you my assurance that these forecasts and predictions

are all based on solid, scientific, documented evidence. So there may be some truth in it.

in my opinion i think tht it is right but im not really sure if you ask this question the you will have to do a bit more research on it then it will tell you

2011-09-13 06:03:19
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What is the meaning of superstitious beliefs?

A superstition is any belief that is followed based on tradition and empirical evidence rather than a belief that is based on scientific testing, logic and reason: Any belief that relies on the existence of something supernatural for an explanation, it is a superstition.

Is there any evidence of ghosts?

There is no scientific evidence. Those who believe in ghosts will put forward non-scientific evidence.

Do Christians also match horoscopes before marriage?

Some might, but since horoscopes are a load of baloney, not the ones with any sense whatsoever. It's questionable whether a belief in astrology is entirely compatible with being a Christian or not in any event.

How does belief differ from scientific theory?

Belief is based on accepting what someone or something has told you without any corroboration (supporting evidence, third-party accounts, backups). Scientific theory is based on experiment and logic, and usually can be tested with extremely accurate predictions.

Are there any scientific explanation for reincarnation?

no it is just a belief.

Could heaven and hell be real?

Could they be real? -- Yes. However, it is improbable that they are real.

How much evolutionist get paid?

They can be paid any amount. Being an evolutionist is not a job, it is a set of beliefs based on scientific evidence. You can believe in evolution and have any job, or you may be unemployed. The same goes for just about any belief system.

Where will you find real ghost?

Nowhere. There is no scientific evidence support the existence of any kind of 'supernatural' phenomena. I challenge anyone to produce scientific peer reviewed evidence of any kind.

Do horoscopes matter when you like someone?

NO - do not base any of your life opinions or any other matters in horoscopes. Trust your judgement, feelings and thoughts.

Why is it important to always question scientific evidence?

It is important to question if one has gathered any scientific evidence or not so that they can be sure that the person is not just making something up and sharing it to the world. This is the reason that it is important to question scientific evidence. ~Nightelf93

What is the difference between an idea a belief a theory and a scientific law?

Idea: Something you think of. Belief: Something you believe is true. Scientific law: Something you believe is true, based on scientific hard evidence. Theory: A set of scientific laws that explain a field of human life or the cosmos. Another Opinion: "Difference" requires Recognition, as well as a Certain level of Honesty with regards to Standards being Universal Via Measurements." This statement, is my Idea, based on a Belief, that a Theory must be plausible with respect to Scientific Laws, therefore, My Idea, My Belief, and My Theory, are Useless, if any, and or all, Contradict the Physical Laws of Nature, also referred to as The Scientific Laws.

How do neutron stars connect to thunderstorms?

There is no scientific evidence that there is any correlation.

Example of supertitios belief?

Superstitions include any belief in a casual relationship (cause and effect) where there is no reason for such a casual relationship, and especially anything that is supposed to bring "good luck" or "bad luck", including:Seeing a black cat is supposed to bring bad luckWalking under a ladder is supposed to bring bad luckAny belief in horoscopes and astrology, since there is really no scientific reason why being born "under a certain sign" will have an effect on your character, for example

What evidence exists to support witchcraft?

All claims of supernatural events and abilities comes from empirical and anecdotal evidence. There is no scientific evidence for any of it.

Is there any scientific evidence that lunar phases affect your mood?

None whatever. All such "evidence" is anecdotal or mythical.

What is science evidence?

In science, evidence is any result of an experiment done with the scientific method. Evidence and experiments to acquire evidence are methods by which one can scientifically prove a claim.

Is there any credible scientific evidence that a personal god exists?

There is no scientific evidence that any gods exist. Many people have a 'personal god' that exists in their thoughts. One of humanity's greatest talents is the ability to create elaborate belief systems that bring solace, comfort and hope and provide a hypothetical barrier between humans and the great unknown. That behavior is evidenced by the thousands of creation stories and belief systems that have been formulated throughout the history of human life. However, there is no scientific proof that gods exist. Religious beliefs cannot be proven by science. Science explores the natural world. All religious belief is based on faith. Faith is an unquestioning belief in something in the absence of proof. Religious beliefs exist in the absence of proof.

Did any off our planets fall out of orbit?

No, there is no scientific evidence that this is even possible.

Why isn't astrology part of science?

Because it is not scientific. There is no science behind. There is absolutely no scientific evidence in any of the things it is supposed to do.

Are horoscopes real?

Scientifically: Astrology has been deemed a pseudo-science because it has failed to pass scientific analysis. No scientific evidence has been discovered to verify any influence the cosmos can have on mundane affairs.Metaphysically: When understood from an in-depth perspective astrology can be a valuable tool for understanding human personalities, relational dynamics and can be used for advisory purposes to make decisions. It can be quite accurate when done correctly.

What is the difference between myth and belief?

Belief is believing something is true without any evidence supporting it. A myth is a story or legend. You can believe a myth, like believing hercules existed. And it will become your belief.

Difference between evidence and proof with examples?

Evidence refers to knowledge on which to base a certain belief. Proof on the other hand refers to any factual evidence that helps you in establishing the truth of something.

How is Frye Standard used in courts?

Scientific evidence is allowed into the courtroom if it is generally accepted by the relevant scientific community. It does not offer any guidance on reliability. the evidence is presented in the trial and the jury decides if it can be used.

Ghost are real?

Nobody really knows! Throughout history - mankind has been fascinated with the idea of ghosts, but solid scientific, in other words "replicable" evidence is lacking.There is no scientific evidence support the existence of any kind of 'supernatural' phenomena. I challenge anyone to produce scientific peer reviewed evidence of any kind.

Is there any evidence you can point me to that colon cleansers actually do some good?

There doesn't seem to be any available scientific evidence that colon cleansers do anything for the body. The people who offer such services or products rely on anecdotal evidence.