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If you mean to the tires spin at the starting line then the answer is yes. while its not enough to smoke the tires they do spin some.

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โˆ™ 2006-10-24 13:08:35
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Q: Is there any slip on a Top Fuel or Funny Car between the rear tires and the track at the starting line?
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What can you do to increase friction between the tires and a race track?

The track and tires are both sprayed with a special solvent compound.

Why do drag racers avoid spinning their tires at the starting line?

Spinning tires at the starting line actually slow the vehicle down; while the tires are spinning the vehicle isn't going anywhere. The idea of a race is to be the quickest one to the end of the track.

What are dirt track racers using on there tires for extra traction?

Depends on the track mainly but cutting proper grooves in your tires is a good start

Who makes geo track tires?

I asked that question when I went to my local tire dealer and he showed me the Geo Track tires (made in China). He said that the parent company is Bridgestone.

Why do they change the tires in a race?

Tires are changed during an auto race because the tires get worn down by the track. It is safer to have good tires than to have tires that are worn down that could blow apart and cause accidents.

Why do Drag Racers have big rear wheels?

Drag cars have large rear tires with no tread to grab more traction on the track surface. The rear tires also have lower air pressure so when the energy is transferred to the rear tires (as torque) the tires ripple and even more of the tire touches the track for more traction.

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Are hard tires better than soft tires in f1?

Soft tires are better because they are smooth on the track which gives them more speed.

How good are hankook tires?

Hankook are excellent tires. Next time you go to a car race track, or drag strip, look around and see how many tires are Hankook.

Where can I read more about track tires?

You can find out some information on Tirerack is such a good resources, I used it last year when I was looking for tires.

What type of tires are used for a race car if the track is dry?


What kind of tires are chosen for race cars?

usually, racing slicks made by Goodyear or Firestone, if its a wet track rain tires.

What size tires and what kind of tires would you get for a Honda CRF 50 made for flat track racing?

Any tire really.

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President Clinton's jogging track was constructed with 30,000 recycled car tires and polyurethane binder. The track simulated jogging on grass.

Who manufactures Gladiator tires?

They are made in China, can't track down a factory or manufacturer name. I would stick with tires with a known reputation.

What do they do when it rains on a running track?

this is a good question. it all depends on the type of cars are running on the track. in formula 1 racing, if it starts to rain the cars will go into the pits and either put on intermediate tires or wet tires, depending on the dampness of the track. in NASCAR racing, they will pull the cars into the pits and they will take trucks with jet engines attached in the bed and have them blow the track dry. if it is a public track, they dont do anything

What does track light mean on a 1998 Lexus?

there is a traction computer for the steering system. tires

Why do drag racers spin tires before start?

Spinning tires heats up the rubber, making it more tacky and better able to grip the track.

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Difference between mouse and track ball

How much rubber was deposited by the tires on track surfaces during the whole of the 2011 season?


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by lowering the pressure in the tires but it depends on what kind of soil the track is in, for example for wet conditions you need more traction as you need to lower the pressure in the tires so you get more drive. Buy a pressure Gauge.

How many feet is the race track for funny cars?

1/4 mile or 1320 feet.

What is crouch position in track and field?

The starting position