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DAT format is used with several different programs. However, widely used with Microsoft Outlook. Try using Outlook to open the file. If not, go to, enter DAT in the search bar, this will give you more details on different programs that can be used.

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Q: Is there any software to extract and import only audio from video which is in DAT format?
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How can I find a software to convert audio files and extract audio from video files?

Audio Converter Extractor Max is an easy to use tool to convert audio files to various audio formats and extract audio from video files to various audio formats. The program can also rip audio CD tracks to the supported formats.

How do you transfer music from YouTube to scratch?

The Scratch audio mixing software requires files in the .WAV format. The Scratch programming environment can import MP3, WAV or AIF files. The music from YouTube will need to be converted into a suitable format for use in the other software.

Extract audio from avi?

USE VIRRTUAL DJ (5).......YOU RECORD THE AUDIO PART YOU WANT....(THE FINAL FILE WILL BE IN WMV,YOU WILL CONVECT INTO ANY AUDIO FILE FORMAT YOU WANT......Well, I still use SnowFox Audio Converter. It's a good software, which could extract audio from almost all video files, convert a batch of audios, trim audio and many other useful features.

For what purpose would one use audio production software?

One would use audio production software to create and generate a piece of audio. Audio can come in different types such as wmv or mp format. The audio production software will allow one to modify, enhance, or manipulate audio.

Is there any software that will extract audio from vcd?

Recently I am using a streaming audio capture to extract audio from vcd, avi, etc straightly. Vesy easy. I think it is indeed a good program to save audio from computer internet resources.

How do you download audio compression format for PC to PC calls?

i need software

How does one convert audio and video to MP3 format?

One can convert audio and video to MP3 format by using conversion software. One do this with the 'Online-Convert' website or one can download an audio converter from 'CNET'.

What is audio software?

Audio software is software designed for working, in some way, with sound files. Examples of audio software include software that allows you to accomplish digital audio extraction (DAE) on Audio CDs, software which allows you to edit sound files to remove pops and clicks, software which allows you to play sound files on your computer speakers, and software which allows you to convert sound files from one format (e.g. WAV or AIFF) to another (e.g. MP3 or FLAC). Generally, audio software is for working with sound files on a computer.

How can you convert a window media audio mp3 to audio?

The web is full of applications that convert an audio file from .wma to .mp3 or if you have professional software for audio editing then simply import the wma track and save it as a mp3.

What do you do when you try to import audio onto windows movie maker and it says it is unable?

It means the file name extension (format) is incompatible with Windows Movie Maker, or you are attempting to import a DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected audio piece.

Software to rip audio off your DVD's and convert to mp3?

I have some DVD concerts I want to rip to MP3 format (audio only).

Is there a good software to extract audio from video files?

Luckily, don't miss change to get a free powerful video toolkit in official giveaway of Joyoshare VidiKit. I got it recently and found it all-in-round. You can use it to record streaming audio, extract audio from video, watermark, repair, effect and edit. It guaratees high quality and easy to use!

Does Windows Movie Maker record in WAV format?

No. Windows Movie Maker records in .wma (Windows Media Audio) format. However, you can import and edit .wav files in the program.

What is the best file format and codec for audio?

The most accurate format is uncompressed audio, which can be in the WAV, AIFF or other PCM formats. This is native format used for Digital Audio Workstation software programs. For compressed audio, you need to create a format which can be read by your intended audience. The best compressed formats are the lossless formats like OGG/Vorbis, although not every device can play these formats. The most universal compressed format is MP3, and the best codec is the codec offered by the authors of the format, Frauenhofer.

How do you import songs into windows movie maker?

click on import audio or music, and then choose your audio or music.

How do transfer music to mp3?

Get yourself some audio editing software. A "ripper" program will convert CD audio to .mp3. If it is in an older format (vinyl, cassette, etc.) you can digitize it with an audio editor.

How do you extract the audio from an mp4?

It's necessary and a big demand for us to extract audio from an MP4, such as background music from an MV. As I know, there are lots of online free audio extractor you can resort to. However, if you prefer a desktop yet professional one, Joyoshare Media Cutter can be considered. It helps me extract audio, actually the original audio in the same format, from any video, without losing quality. Also, I can trim out any sections I don't want, adjust volume, apply sound effect and more.

How can you convert mp3 to wav?

Convert your audio like music to the WAV format with this free online WAV converter. Upload your audio file and the conversion will start immediately. You can also extract the audio track of a file to WAV if you upload a video.

How to convert MP3 music files to wma?

To convert one audio file format (ie: MP3) to another audio file format (ie: WMA), requires what is known as audio file format conversion software. I have researched the Internet on your behalf and found a web site that appears to provide such software at no cost. The link to this web site is called DVDVideoSoftand is displayed directly below this window.

You convert music on a micro SD card?

You can use any music conversion software depending on the output format you require. Jet Audio Software can perform many format conversions for music. Download it free at

How difficult is it to convert wma into mp3 formats?

It's not difficult to convert WMA format into MP3 format. The reason for this is because there are a vast variety of different websites, and a vast variety of free software that will convert WMA - or any audio format - into MP3 format with minimum trouble. If people preferred to go with paid software or paid websites, they could pay to convert their WMA audio files into Mp3 instead.

How do you make a video just audio?

In AVS Video Editor, you can extract the audio.

What does the extension avi stand for?

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleaved, it is a multimedia format created by Microsoft and is a container for audio and video, the default software it is used for is usually Windows Media Player.

How can you import iTunes music onto Windows Movie Maker?

Because iTunes purchased music and video has DRM copyright protection, you have to remove the DRM at first, before you can convert/edit the audio or import it into Windows Movie Maker.In order to play it on non-apple mp3/mp4 players, you need to remove the DRM and convert the protected music to other audio /video format. The easiest way is to burn an audio CD in iTunes and rip it back as mp3 format.Or you can download free DRM Removal Software (you will need to Google it for download options).

When was Audio Interchange File Format created?

Audio Interchange File Format was created on 1988-01-21.