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Probably hundreds, but the interested party might wish to try Narcissism; A Genetic Trait, I find Sam Vaknin's writing fascinating. I had already come to the conclusion that my ex was likely a narcissist (with the help of a trusted psychiatrist) BEFORE I discovered Vaknin's book "Malignant Self-Love". It seemed a little frustrating to me that almost all the information on the web seems to thread back to Sam. For awhile I thought it was odd to be reading material about narcissism written by a narcissist(?)He seems to be the expert, however. I believe I understand narcissism fairly well after reading the book, (more than I ever thought I wanted wanted to know!)In fact, my counselor says I need to STOP reading so much.(!!)Fascinating stuff. I found very good information by searching under Social Psychology for narcissism. I get the impression that there just hasn't been very much material published about the disorder. Maybe that's because, other than the termoil they cause for the rest of us, they don't do much damage and they don't ask for help. I read one psychologist who said that even though narcissists don't offer themselves for treatment very often, treating their families and friends is a gold mine.


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